· January, 2010

Stories about Egypt from January, 2010

Egypt: The Right to Speak Up

  28 January 2010

Egyptian bloggers and activists held a conference on January 22 in defense of their right to speak up after more than 20 Egyptian bloggers were arrested when their train arrived in the village of Naga Hammady where the Coptic massacre took place. Marwa Rakha sums up their reactions to their detention in this post.

Palestine: The Commodification Of Gaza

  27 January 2010

Exiled is a blogger who recently left Gaza - and he is in no hurry to return. In this translation of a recent post of his, we hear his opinions about political propaganda and self-interest, the tunnels to Egypt and the planned steel fence, and the nature of the outside world's concern for the Gaza Strip.

Egypt: Engulfed by Floods!

  24 January 2010

Over the past few days, several Egyptian governorates and cities have been engulfed by a severe wave of flash floods and heavy rains. Bloggers react to the calamity.

Egypt: Portraits of Egyptians

  24 January 2010

Tabsir.net published (here and here) few portraits of ordinary Egyptians, by the English artist Frederick Goodall (1822-1904), in the mid to late 19th century. Goodall's work is famous for providing a meticulous “ethnographic” view of Egypt at the time.

Egypt: Farewell Jean Simmons

  24 January 2010

Egyptian famous director, Mohamed Khan, and blogger Zeinobia mourned the death of their favorite American actress Jean Simmons (1929 – January 22, 2010).

Egypt: Severe criticism for the human rights situation

  23 January 2010

Alaa Kamal discusses [Ar] the upcoming Human Rights Watch (HRW) annual report, that will be published over the next days. He says that the Arab countries received the biggest share of criticism. Also, the report clearly focused on the deteriorating human rights situation in Egypt.

Egypt: America and Israel get to choose the new president

  21 January 2010

The chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Egyptian Parliament, Dr Mostafa El Feki, in his article in Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper, stated that America and Israel have to approve of President Mubarak's successor. Zeinobia blogs the Presidency's disapproval.

Egypt: Detained Bloggers Tell their Tales

  20 January 2010

More than 20 Egyptian bloggers, who were on their way to pay their respects to the families of the victims of the Coptic massacre, were arrested when their train arrived in the village of Naga Hammady in Upper Egypt. They were released shortly afterwards and they are now telling us their side of the story.

MENA: Does Rain Bring Happiness or Misery?

  18 January 2010

Many bloggers and Twitter users from Egypt and different parts in MENA region reported rain and some dusty storms today. Depending on their circumstances, some welcomed the drops of rain with joy while others braced themselves for the storms, flooding and heartbreak.

MENA: A bad weekend for ME bloggers

  18 January 2010

Michael Collins, the Middle East Institute blog editor, thinks that the past weekend was bad for bloggers and social networkers in the Middle East, specifically in Egypt, Jordan and Iran.

Egypt: Natural Disasters and the NDP

  18 January 2010

Alkhan posted a new comic strip which compares the catastrophic impact of natural disasters to the effect of being governed by the National Democratic Party ruling Egypt.

Egypt: New online design magazine

  16 January 2010

Loksha is a new online magazine, that has been recently launched by Zeinab Samir, who is interested in covering news related to the latest in the field of web design and development, as well as introducing Drupal to Arab readers.

Egypt: Best movies for Oscar

  16 January 2010

Egyptian director, Amr Salama, discusses [Ar] some foreign movies screened in 2009. In his opinion, the Oscars committee will face difficulties in deciding the best movies, because -as he says- he has not seen one good movie that deserves the award.

Egypt: Bloggers arrested over Naga Hammady Visit

  15 January 2010

Egypt today arrested 20 bloggers who were visiting Naga Hammady in Upper Egypt to pass their respects to those killed in a sectarian outburst on January 7. Seven people were shot dead and several injured when an assailant gunned down Christian Copts leaving a church after the Christmas mass. The bloggers visit was to show a united front against sectarianism.

Africa: 2010 Africa Cup of Nations Starts: What Do We Expect?

  13 January 2010

This year Africa’s in the sports arena for all the right reasons. First to shine the spotlight is definitely the Confederation of Africa's (CAF) African Cup of Nations being held in Angola which is just a stone’s throw away from South Africa, which hosts the World Cup in June later on this year.

Egypt: English Loan Words

  13 January 2010

"Egyptian" Arabised English is taking the Twittersphere by storm. Tarek Amr collects reactions from #EgyEnglish in this post which explains how bilingual Egyptians have included English words in their dialect.

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