· September, 2006

Stories about Egypt from September, 2006

Egypt: Egypt's fourth faith

  20 September 2006

What is Egypt's fourth faith? Zeinobia talks about the faith that both, Egyptian Muslims and Christians refuse to exist.

Egypt: Pope Benedict

  15 September 2006

Coming from a Byzantine or a neo Zionist, those words may pass, but from the Pontiff it is very harsh and cruel, speaking ill not about today's radicals (whom all we all are against), but about our beloved Prophet Mohamed is a grave matter and with repercussions, radicals on both...

Egypt: Another train crash in Egypt

  5 September 2006

Another train accident in less than two weeks from the previous one. Zeinobia says that some of the reasons are the condition of the train drivers, which obtain small salaries that barely meets the high requirement of living conditions in Egypt and the very hard work conditions with trains that...

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