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Stories about Egypt from June, 2011

Egypt: Khaled Saeed Murder Trial Postponed

  30 June 2011

Khaled Saeed, a young man from Alexandria allegedly killed at the hands of policemen in June, has been an icon of the Egyptian revolution. His murder fueled discontent among young Egyptians in the weeks leading to the revolution after images of his battered body went viral. The policemen accused of killing him stood trial today. Following are some reactions following the postponement of the case until September 24.

Egypt: The Battle of Tahrir Rages

  29 June 2011

Mayhem broke out at Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the Egyptian revolution, last night and spilled into today. Various accounts are circulating online on what really happened and how events escalated, all involving the families of the martyrs killed during the protests - and their call for justice, protesters, thugs and battles with the police. Reports speak of police firing tear gas at protesters, and protesters (or thugs) responding with stones and Molotov cocktails - not necessarily in this order.

Hijablogging: “Hijab Undecided”

  28 June 2011

The topics discussed and debated in the "hijablogosphere" are always wide-ranging, but a succession of recent blog posts delve into one particularly tricky topic: what happens when a woman decides to take off her hijab.

Egypt: Sawiris and the Niqabi Minnie Mouse

  28 June 2011

Egyptian Christian business tycoon, and recent politician, Naguib Sawiris, posted a cartoon on his Twitter today showing Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie Mouse in Niqab. He commented: “Micky and Minnie after…” The cartoon sparked a lot of criticism, forcing Sawiris to remove it.

Africa: Maker Faire Africa 2011 : Cairo, Egypt

  24 June 2011

Maker Faire Africa 2011 is here: “Maker Faire Africa is pleased to announce our 3rd event, ‘Maker Faire Africa 2011 : Cairo‘ which will take place in Egypt, October 6-8th, 2011. Join us once again as we continue to cultivate new and existing maker communities across Africa.”

Egypt: Exploring Twitter’s Potential on the Ground

  13 June 2011

Micro-blogging site Twitter has become an important discussion forum for young Egyptians since the start of the revolution, writes Lilian Wagdy. Activists recently hosted a Twitter forum (Nadwa) which brought users to discuss the issue of Islamists face to face. Lilian Wagdy sums up reactions to the event.

Egypt: The Story of the Israeli Spy in Cairo

  13 June 2011

Ilan Chaim Grapel, an American immigrant to Israel, was arrested in Egypt last Sunday. Grapel has now been detained for 15 days as he is being questioned by the State Security Prosecution over alleged espionage activities in Egypt. Many Egyptians have reacted to the story on Twitter and in their blogs.

Egypt: Khaled Said’s Legacy Still Thrives

  7 June 2011

Khaled Said is a young Egyptian man whose death at the hands of police last year jump started a chain reaction which led to the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak. Yesterday, thousands demonstrated all over Egypt not only to commemorate the first anniversary of his death, but to voice their anger over what they describe as continued police brutality and torture.

Egypt: IMF Deal Sparks Controversy

  6 June 2011

Helping Egypt overcome the cash crunch that ensued in the wake of the January 25 Revolution, the International Monetary Fund agreed on Sunday to a 3 billion dollar loan package to the Arab World’s most populous country.

Palestine: Hopes Dashed as Rafah Crossing Stays Closed

  6 June 2011

On May 28 Egypt opened the Rafah Crossing between it and the Gaza Strip, supposedly on a permanent basis. However, Palestinians soon discovered that Egypt was limiting the number of people who could pass through the crossing, and thousands were left waiting in frustration. A week later the crossing was closed again by the Egyptians, “due to renovations“.

Egypt: Khaled Said, One Year Later

  6 June 2011

One year ago, Khaled Said was tortured to death at the hands of two policemen. And today Egyptians are remembering the anniversary of one of the main triggers for their revolution which ousted Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt: V for Verifiying Virginity

  3 June 2011

Following the appalling confirmation that virginity tests were conducted on female protesters who were detained during the Egyptian revolution, rage has been expressed by both women and men. Many cannot believe that those who fought for dignity and freedom were attacked in such a humiliating way.

Egypt: More Information on Jailed Blogger Mikel Nabil Needed

  2 June 2011

Caledoniyya complains there isn't much information about Mikel Nabil – an Egyptian blogger sentenced to three years in prison for insulting the Armed forces. “With so many bloggers being persecuted by the regimes for broaching crucial issues; in Nabil's case, the Egyptian military; it can be a challenge to keep...

Egypt: Phone Company Gets a Hate Site

  2 June 2011

Egyptian blogger Mahmood Salem tweets: “http://ihatevodafoneegypt.com/ @vodafoneegypt , the only mobile provider whose antics inspired a hatesite against them. Good job u guys! :)”

Interview with Egypt Author, Tarek Amr

  2 June 2011

Tarek Amr is a young Egyptian data networks architect and blogger in addition to being an author [en] and a translator in Global Voices Online, which he joined in 2007. In this short conversation, he tells us more about himself, about his contribution in GV and most of all about his experience in the Egyptian Revolution.

Egypt: Ma'zouns to go on Strike

  2 June 2011

Commenting the strike Ma'zouns (officials who officiate marriages) in Egypt, intend to observe in June, director Amr Ghaleb tweets [ar] on May 28 :I don't know what's the plural of Mazoun, …. but they are going on a strike next month, so anyone planning to get married or divorced, there...

Egypt: Breaking Red Lines; Speaking Up Against the Military Tribunals

  1 June 2011

A few months ago, just walking too close to the Military Prosecution Complex in Cairo’s district of Nasr City could have landed you in jail. But on May 31, the area surrounding the complex staged a demonstration in solidarity with OnTV’s presenter Reem Maged, socialist activist and blogger Hossam El Hamalawy, and journalist Nabil Sharaf El Din, who were summoned by the military for comments they have made to the media.

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