· December, 2005

Stories about Egypt from December, 2005

Egypt: Police violence against refugees

  30 December 2005

TenTwenty were killed and more injured including a four years old girl after thousands of Egyptian riot police used force to end a three month old protest in front of the UNHCR office. A protest will be organised tomorrow noon against the killings and the use of violence. Nora posts...

Africa: Music

  22 December 2005

This is my last roundup until next week and I would like to end with a blog I think we all love Benn loxo du taccu……….Africa's music for the masses – North and South of the Sahara.

Egypt: Karim Interview's Chomsky

19 December 2005

Karim Elsahy finally made his interview with Noam Chomsky. He describe it as a lecture than an interview. Karim thinks that Chomsky is too extreme for him. Though he find his ideas factually correct and certainly logical, he find them lacking a certain “on the grounds” reality that makes them,...

Egypt: Elections ends and more

16 December 2005

Finally the elections of the People's Assembly (the lower house of the Egyptian Parliament) are over. With a bloody end and surprising results, that would probably heat the political debate in Egypt for the next five years. Summary and results With a 26% voter turn out and out of the...

From the Gaza-Egypt border

  12 December 2005

Nora visits the newly reopened border crossing between Rafah and Gaza strip. She takes several photos and writes in Arabic about her experience. She documents the frustrations of people trying to get into Gaza. Notices the excessive video surveillance by Israel. She then explains who can cross the border; Palestinians...

Egyptian Soldier Blogging

8 December 2005

Abdelrahman was drafted in October. He will be spending one year in the military. He is the first Egyptian soldier with a blog. He is writing about his life in the boot camp.

Egypt: Arabian horses

8 December 2005

Maryanne blogs about a horse show she attended few weeks ago. With pictures of beautiful mares and fillies. She also summarizes the history of the Arabian horse in Egypt and the business of breeding.

Egypt: Journalist Detained

  7 December 2005

Alaa reports that armed state security forces detained the Egyptian journalist Ahmad Abdollah “Abo Islam”. They broke in to his house on Monday. Five bloggers visited him and knew from his son that state security forces threatened his family at gun point and confiscated computer hard drives, CDs and books....

Egypt: Noise Pollution

5 December 2005

You know, somehow we have that in our heritage, we are noisy when we are happy and noisy when we are sad, historically, in a marriage they used drums and in funerals they used special purpose women used to weep on the dead with high voices, Maged Shafie said describing...

Egyptian bloggers and parliamentary elections

2 December 2005

Elections This week we had the re-run of the second stage and the first run of the third stage of parliamentary elections. The second stage was the most violent. Although one person died in the first run of the third stage there was less violence but the police and security...

Egypt: The Minorities in Egypt

1 December 2005

Zeinobia say that there are other minorities than the Copts “Orthodox Christian Egyptian” that don't have its rights completely. In fact if you compare their conditions with the Copts conditions, we will find that Copts are much more fortunate than them. What are these minorities? Read more…

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