· August, 2006

Stories about Egypt from August, 2006

Egypt: 300 Egyptians who seek asylum in the Czech Republic

  31 August 2006

Ibn ad Dunya writes about the 300 Egyptians who seek asylum in the Czech Republic. He said: “Who can blame them for wanting to go to Europe, to leave Egypt is a dream for many young Egyptians, and only to achieve the goal of getting a visa to America, Canada,...

Egypt: The Games Regimes Play

  10 August 2006

Baheyya describes Gamal Hosnie Mubarak (son of Egyptian President) visit to Lebanon as adding insult to injury by pretending to care for the Lebanese people. She says: “But why should I be surprised? What else should one expect from the Mubarak regime but grovelling to the Israelis, using the Lebanese...

Egypt: Nasrallah warns the Arab in Haifa

  9 August 2006

“In all the previous wars of Israel with the Arabs countries , the Arab countries usually blocked the media from covering the news and Israel usually showed all what it got ,now Israel is blocking the media from covering the news and we are showing everything,” Zeinobia quoting Hezbollah leader...

Egypt: Photographer caught doctoring Lebanon pics

  7 August 2006

The really stupid thing about the freelance photographer for Reuters who doctored his pictures is that his stupidity will discredit the thousands of real pictures out there that show what an ugly war this has been. And while the pro-Israel blogosphere probably rejoices, it doesn’t change that between 600 and...

Egypt: Fiasco

  2 August 2006

Zeinobia says that last night Israeli Army operation on Baalbak city in South Lebanon is another fiasco that the army wants to appear like a victory to deceive the poor frightened people of Israel and says that it achieved some sort of victory. She confirms that those captured persons are...

Egypt: Hezbollah Proved the Arabs Were Wrong

  1 August 2006

Omar Nuri thinks that Hezbollah proved the Arabs were wrong, and I mean the Arab leaders. Their bet was Hezbollah is sliding slowly to an end, its end. Now, they see it didn’t. It is standing firm and strong. Battling one combat to another, winning big time, stabbing the IDF’s...

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