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Stories about Egypt from July, 2005

Egypt: Bad News

  29 July 2005

Unfortunately, One Arab World has to make the announcement that the candlelight vigil planned for tonight in Cairo has been cancelled. This is because of anticipated protests in reaction to President Mubark's announcement that he will be running for re-election.

Egypt: Vigil this Friday

28 July 2005

The Big Pharaoh reminds his readers that a candlelight vigil for the victims of last weekend's bombings is scheduled for Friday in Cairo.

Report from the Jordan Blogger Gathering

  28 July 2005

Tonight's Jordan Blogger Gathering You never know who'll show up for a bloggers’ gathering. The Jordan blogger meetup – a joint Jordan Planet/Global Voices effort – turned up not only some of Jordan's best bloggers, but superstars from Bahrain and Egypt as well. Representing Amman were Ammar Ibrahim, Roba Assi...

Egypt: Nancy, and others, step up against terror

27 July 2005

Abu Aarvark passes on the news that Lebanese pop superstar Nancy Ajram will be holding a charity relief concert at Sharm al-Shaykh in reponse to this weekend's terror attacks there.


  27 July 2005

One Arab World has announced a time and place for this Friday's candlelight vigil for the victims of the bombings at Sharm el Sheikh.

Egypt: SharmRelief.com

26 July 2005

Karim Elsahy of One Arab World has set up a fundraising effort for the victims of last weekend's bombing attacks at Sharm El sheikh.

Egypt: Reaction to the blasts

25 July 2005

From Cairo, with Love asks “wouldn't it be wise to close the tap, from its source, that pours so many terrorists into our laps?”

Egypt: A Moral Stand

25 July 2005

Egyptian Person says that “if you are selective in what you call terrorism depending on where it's taking place or who is getting killed, then you are a part of the problem and you need to fix yourself…”

Egyptian Bloggers Against Terrorism

  24 July 2005

(Photo from OneArabWorld.) Karim Eslahy has posted a link to photos of Sunday's demonstration against terrorism organized by Egyptian bloggers. We're still trying to confirm how many people attended, but Karim reports: “Very small turnout and the cops made them leave but proportionally significant coverage nonetheless.” Attendees included The Big...

Egyptian Bloggers on the Radio

  21 July 2005

Congratulations to Big Pharaoh and Mohammed of From Cairo With Love for their appearance on NPR today (audio is also archived on the site). NPR correspondent Eric Weiner (who I knew in Tokyo) did a nice job mixing the sound of these two bloggers reading some of their posts, I...

Egypt: Al-Qimni Surrenders

18 July 2005

The Big Pharaoh writes about an anti-fundamentalist author who caved into death threats and repudiated his writings. Did he do the right thing?

17 July 2005

Mohammed is trying to find the origin of the Kefaya movement name. He thinks it was used for the first time by an Egyptian writer in December 2004.

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