· June, 2007

Stories about Egypt from June, 2007

Egypt: GVO Wins Praise

  29 June 2007

Global Voices Online has been cited by Baha'i Faith in Egypt for linking to it and for “reporting on several other pressing human rights issues in Egypt.”

Egypt: Freedom of Worship, Blogs to the Press, Anti-torture Campaigns Continue and More

  28 June 2007

In this week’s round-up from the Egyptian blogosphere, I am highlighting freedom of worship from two blog posts by Big Pharaoh and Baha’i Faith in Egypt, how an Egyptian blogger has started covering blogs for a weekly newspaper in Egypt, how anti-torture campaigns by bloggers extend to one of Egypt’s coastal cities and finally a technological tip by Greendata blog for Facebook users.

Egypt: Quranists Arrested

  25 June 2007

Several members of a “Quranist” group — people who reject the hadith and present a reformist practice of Islam based entirely on the Quran — have been arrested in Egypt, according to The Arabist.

Egypt: Judge's request to block websites rejected

  22 June 2007

The State Commissioner Committee in Egypt has rejected the request made by the judge Abdel Fattah Mourad to block 51 websites and blogs deemed insulting the state's dignity and threatening Egypt’s interests. In the meantime, the investigation on blogger Amr Gharbia, who was charged for defaming Judge Mourad, has been...

Arabeyes: World Refugee Day – Focus on Iraq

  20 June 2007

As the world marks the World Refugee Day today, the Middle East finds itself again at the centre of a mounting humanitarian tragedy. With more than 4 million of the 10 million refugees being Iraqi, let us see what bloggers are saying about this mounting humanitarian tragedy, often neglected by mainstream media.

Egypt: Fond Memories

  20 June 2007

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani, who lives in Egypt, shares with us her feelings on her husband's death anniversary. “June 10 is the anniversary of my husband's death, an occasion that changed my life and my children's lives irrevocably and with the impact of having a building fall on us,” she notes.

Egypt: Muslim Christian Clashes Averted

  15 June 2007

“Everyday when I wake up in the morning I get on my knees and thank God that weapons and arms are not widely available in Egypt. If they were, there would have been some sort of a civil war in Egypt between its Muslims and Christians,” writes the Big Pharaoh...

Egypt: Save Iraqi Mosques

  14 June 2007

“I don't know what kind of a terrorist group is that that claims to be a defender of Islam and the savior of the Sunni in Iraq and at the same it destroys mosques and shrines !!” exclaims Egyptian blogger Zeinobia.

Egypt: Another Blogger Arrested

  14 June 2007

The Egyptian blogosphere scene is still witnessing more clampdowns on bloggers by State Security for different reasons. This week’s most recent incident is the arrest of Egyptian blogger Omar El Sharkawy. El-Sharkawy was arrested on June 11 while covering Egypt’s Shura Council elections or Upper House of parliament in his...

Egypt: Blogger Arrested

  14 June 2007

“Egyptian blogger Omar el Sharqawi was detained last tuesday by Mubarak's police, he managed to make a phone call and inform his friends that he was being held in Talkha police station in Mansoura. yet when human rights lawyers inquired about him the Talkha sherif denied Omar was ever arrested....

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