· June, 2008

Stories about Egypt from June, 2008

Israel: Broken Truce Angers Israelis

  27 June 2008

Six days after Israeli and Palestinian forces brokered a ceasefire agreement, four kassam rockets fired from Gaza blasted the Western Negev. Islamic Jihad claimed credit for the attack, while Hamas, Palestine's ruling party, encouraged “all Palestinian factions to abide by the calm agreement,” asserting, “Hamas is keen to maintain the...

Egypt: Kareem's 600th Day in Prison

  24 June 2008

It will soon be the 600th day in prison for jailed Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabil Sulieman. Bahraini Esra'a writes about how you can get involved in pressing for his release.

“Beware of Egyptian Men,” says the Canadian Embassy

  14 June 2008

Back in December 2007, I was almost crucified for writing a post entitled: Relationshsips Warning: Do not date Egyptian Men. In that article, I said: Because of the nature of my work in the tourism sector, I am used to hearing that this or that country has issued a travel...

Walk like an Egyptian … Marry like an Egyptian

  13 June 2008

Why are Egyptian men so special? Why is marrying a foreigner shunned by society? And how difficult it is for an Egyptian woman married to a foreigner to obtain an ID card in Egypt? Marwa Rakha looks at the experiences of Egyptian female bloggers living abroad for answers to these questions and more.

Egypt: April 6 Detainees Released

  6 June 2008

“Karim al Beheiri , Kamal al Fayoumy and Tareq Tareq Amin, the Ghazl al Mahalla workers that were detained in connection with the April 6th strike was released from the Burg al Arab prison on June 1st,” writes Ibn Al Dunya from Egypt.

Egypt: Blogger Tortured in Detention

  6 June 2008

“Karim al-Bahairy, a blogger, factory worker, and labor-rights activist from Mahalla, is alleging that he was tortured with electric shocks during his 73-day detention,” writes Elijah Zarwan from Egypt.

Egypt: Doctors shoot video of hospital blackout emergency

  6 June 2008

With more frequency now, hospitals are being managed as big businesses with clients instead of health facilities with patients. Doctors who wish to honor their Hippocratic Oath have to hope that their hospital management has the same ideal of keeping the good of the patient as the highest priority. This was the case last week in the Al Matrya teaching hospital in Egypt, where 4 babies and 2 adults on life support lost their lives due to a 2 hour blackout in the early morning hours and generators failed to kick in once again.

Egypt: Doctors Expose Mismanagement on YouTube

  6 June 2008

Egyptian doctors have posted videos on YouTube exposing mismanagement at a government hospital, writes Zeinobia., who reposts the shocking videos [Ar] shot during an electricity outage. Four infants died when the backup generators failed to kick in.

Egypt: Great Firewall of China Coming Soon

  4 June 2008

Egyptian bloggers have one hand on their keyboard and another on their hearts. Following a recent crackdown on bloggers and online activists following the April 6 unrest, some are now predicting the worse is yet to come.

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