· August, 2009

Stories about Egypt from August, 2009

Israel: For the Love of Food

  31 August 2009

With the Jewish High Holidays approaching, food seems to be on everyone's minds. The Jewish blogosphere is ripe with sumptuous tidbits and contemplations about the cultural implications of food, food and identity, and the history and culture of our favorite culinary delights.

Arab World: Welcoming Ramadan

  30 August 2009

Ramadan is an important month in the Muslim calendar. Bloggers writing in Arabic celebrate the month, already in its first week, in this post, where we share some of the artistic creations used to greet their readers on the month.

Global: Ramadan Mubarak

  24 August 2009

With the advent of Ramadan around the globe this weekend, Muslim and non-Muslim bloggers everywhere are wishing each other Ramadan mubarak (or "blessed Ramadan").

Egypt: Kareem Amer's Appeal Postponed

  18 August 2009

Egyptian Kareem Amer, who was sentenced to four years in prison for insulting Islam and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February, 2007, will now have his appeal case heard on September 15, says the Free Kareem blog. The court was originally scheduled to hear it today.

Egypt: Limited Internet is Unlimited Backwardness

  16 August 2009

Egypt's Internet users joined hands to express their outrage at a new law which limits their Internet use. Now the law has been reversed and only new subscribers will be subjected to the threshold, for a two month period while the move is being assessed.

Egypt: Blindfolding Lesson

  16 August 2009

Egyptian Moftasa discusses the impact of blindfolding when used for torture, noting the impact on the perpetrator. “We have to learn from both parties, if we want to understand its results more and perhaps stop people from inflicting it,” he adds.

Egypt: We are All Egyptians

  16 August 2009

“We need a law which recognises us as Egyptians only, not as Muslims or Christians but as Egyptians only,” writes Wael Nawara [Ar], from Egypt.

Egypt: The Nile Basin Treaties

  16 August 2009

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia discusses the Nile basin treaties between Egypt and its African neighbours in this post, which sheds light on the current crisis on the great river.

Egypt: Gamal Mubarak … Why Not?

  16 August 2009

Coinciding with Gamal Murbak's Sharek initiative, Egyptian singer Mohsen El Sayad decided to campaign for Mubarak in his own way [Ar]. Marwa Rakha sums up the reactions of Egyptian bloggers here.

Egypt: Five People I Wish to Meet

  10 August 2009

If you were given the choice of selecting five people you would like to meet in your lifetime, who would they be? Egyptian blogger Ahmed Shokeir blogs at Late Night Stories about five people whom he wishes to meet and be photographed with.

Egypt: A Dog Named Anwar El Sadat

  9 August 2009

Love or hate him, naming a dog Anwar El Sadat in I love you man is creating a ripple in the Egyptian blogosphere. Why are many Egyptians opposed to having a dog named after their former president in a movie?

Egyptian translators call for a syndicate

  8 August 2009

Egyptian blogger Ahmed Al Sabbagh says in his post that there are more than 100,000 translators in Egypt. Around 1,000 translators joined forces on Facebook, others created EgyTranslation blog, and many are calling for a syndicate and for a body that protects their rights.

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