Stories about Palestine

A trip of grief from Gaza to Cairo

The Bridge  4 weeks ago

Dana Bsaiso reflects on the profound grief of displacement from her Gaza home, while grappling with the longing for home amidst the destruction and barriers of the Israeli occupation.

The denial of Palestinian childhood

  24 April 2024

This analysis explores how systemic dehumanization of Palestinian children by Israeli forces mirrors racial injustices against Black children in the US, highlighting the role of Western media biases in normalizing such injustices.

In Gaza, the last game of Tarneeb

The Bridge  5 April 2024

Innocent laughter turned to horror as a deafening explosion replaced the sounds of a card game, forever intertwining the game with the horrors of war and death in Gaza.

A wall and a watchtower: Why is Israel failing?

The Bridge  27 March 2024

Israeli historian, political scientist, and former politician Ilan Pappé challenges the Zionist notion that Palestine, which was inhabited by a vibrant Indigenous society, was an empty land awaiting Jewish settlement.

Echos of our lost home in Gaza

The Bridge  21 March 2024

"On learning that Israeli bombs turned my four-generation home to rubble, a storm of rage brewed within. The bombs destroyed not just our land, but also our hopes and memories."