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Stories about Egypt from May, 2008

Egypt: On the Hijab

  30 May 2008

Egyptian Arima shares her ideas on a controversial post on the Islamic headscarf worn by women.

Egypt: Strike Number Three

  30 May 2008

Egypt is gearing up for its third strike in a row on June 5, writes Zeinobia. “People in Egypt are extremely angry from the Government's latest economic decisions to escalate prices in oil and taxes,” she adds.

Egypt: On Caramel

  30 May 2008

Egyptian Arima has just watched Caramel – and has good things to say about the movie about five friends in Beirut, Lebanon.

Egypt: Torture Acceptable

  28 May 2008

Egyptian blogger Mostafa is surprised that some of his friends find torture as an acceptable form of extracting confessions from people being interrogated – after an experiment he conducted on Facebook.

Morocco: Calculators are to Blame

  27 May 2008

Moroccan blogger Essam Aissam [Ar] writes about the educational systems and grades students get in Morocco and Egypt. He concludes that graduates from his country could fare worse than their Egyptian counterparts, who failed miserably in entry exams for jobs in a casino. Aissam blames calculators for the inability of...

Israel: Diplomatic Relations Don't Extend to Soccer Field

  27 May 2008

“I guess the Egyptians would rather quit than fight,” remarks Israel Matzav's Carl in Jerusalem. “An Egyptian soccer team which included diplomats from the country who are stationed in Rome decided to boycott a soccer tournament after a lottery determined that they would play an Israeli soccer team consisting of...

Stuff Egyptian People Like

  24 May 2008

There are sites like “Stuff White People Like“, “Stuff Educated Black People Like“, and even “Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like“. So a group of Egyptian bloggers decided to create the “Stuff Egyptian People Like” blog.

The Victimization of Egyptian Women and Children

  23 May 2008

Fantasia's World raises crucial issues that hold back the Egyptian society all together; namely women's rights, violence against women and children, and the general misconceptions of male-female relationships in the Egyptian society and in the Arab world. Marwa Rakha zooms into a new post which discusses how Egyptian women and children are being victimized by traditions, law, and the Muslim Brothers.

Egypt: Strike Number 3 Planned

  23 May 2008

Zeinobia from Egypt reports that a third strike protesting against price hikes and low salaries will be held across the country on June 5.

Egypt: A Taxi Driver's Words of Wisdom

  19 May 2008

Israeli-American blogger Daniel Lubetsky, traveling in Egypt, interviews his taxi driver on leading figures in the Middle East. “I asked him to rank people or countries, thumbs up or thumbs down. Here were his rankings on 24 questions from Bush to Ahmadinejad, from Olmert to Nasrallah, from Bin Laden to...

Egypt: Sad for Hadeel

  19 May 2008

Zeinobia, from Egypt, mourns the death of Saudi blogger Hadeel and asks: “I do not know why I feel sad. Is it because Hadeel was young like me , she had just celebrated her 25th Birthday ?? !! Or because she is a blogger like [me] ?? Or because she...

Arabeyes: Mourning for Hadeel

  19 May 2008

Saudi blogger Hadeel El Hadeef passed away exactly a month after her 25th birthday. Bloggers from around the region come together to mourn the death and celebrate the life of the blogger, whose contributions and humanity will continue to remain a living legacy on the world wide web.

Egypt: Torture for Bloggers and Activists

  16 May 2008

Egyptian bloggers, cyberactivists and activists on the ground continue to pay the price for speaking up against the rising cost of living and calling for higher wages and a better life. What started as a call for a strike on April 6, quickly spiralled out of control, with a face off between rioters, protesters and the police. Here's an account of what has happened and is still happening to some of the activists who have used the worldwide web to spread news of what is happening at home.

Jordan: Three Activists Detained

  16 May 2008

“Three leftist activists were detained by the Jordanian police for putting up posters about the Nakba in the streets…” reports Hossam el Hamalawy, from Egypt.

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