· November, 2010

Stories about Egypt from November, 2010

Egypt: Much Ado About the Parliamentary Elections

  27 November 2010

With the Egyptian parliamentary elections around the corner, candidates, as well as their parties, are using all the ethical and non-ethical weapons in order to win. And Egyptian bloggers, on the other hand, are watching, reporting, and sometimes participating in the ongoing war.

Egypt: Kareem Amer is Free!

  18 November 2010

After spending a total of 1,470 days in prison, Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer has finally been released. That period is 10 more days than the four year sentence he was slapped with for insulting Islam and President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak of Egypt on his blog.

Arab World: Tweeting the Hajj Experience

  15 November 2010

Among the 1.8 million Muslims on pilgrimage, or Hajj, to the holy city of Mecca are a few stealing moments to send 140-character messages to the world. Here are snippets from the conversation on the Twittersphere.

Egypt: Vodafone Egypt Advertisement Stirs Controversy

  14 November 2010

A new advertisement for Vodafone Egypt featuring ninth century Muslim scientist Abbas Ibn Firnas as a mad man who would not surf the internet to see how his attempt to fly would fail has stirred controversy on the Egyptian blogosphere. Eman AbdElRahman and Tarek Amr bring us those reactions.

Egypt: Blogger Kareem Amer Still in Jail

  8 November 2010

“After 1460 days in prison, Kareem officially completes his prison sentence. Tomorrow will mark exactly 4 years since his imprisonment on November 6, 2006. Unfortunately, Kareem has yet to be freed,” reports Free Kareem, on the fate of the Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer.

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