· October, 2006

Stories about Egypt from October, 2006

Arabisc: Sexual Harrassment and the Egyptian Blogosphere

  30 October 2006

After a month of abstinence (from sex naturally) during daylight hours in the Holy month of Ramadhan, a mob of sex starved Egyptians decided to celebrate Eid by attacking and sexually harassing women on the streets of Cairo. The first the incident was made public was during a television show,...

Arabisc: Rebellious Behaviour and the Quest for Intellectuals

  26 October 2006

With the festive season wrapping up in the Arab world, Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer has decided to ‘come out of the closet’ and drop a bombshell – making some of his readers happy and others not so! The Alexandria law student doesn't mince his words when he announces to his...

Egypt:Hijab in Australia

  26 October 2006

The more Shobrawy hear about Australia and their attitude towards Islamic extremism the more he wants to move there. Find out why!

Arabisc: Secret Meetings and Eid Greetings

  24 October 2006

It's Eid in the Arab world and Arab bloggers are celebrating the end of the Holy Month of Ramadhan with a riot of activity on their blogs. From Libya, Lona and A.Adam, writing in Flying Birds, wish us all a Happy Eid by posting a picture. The same sentiments are...

Arabisc: Protests, Human Rights and Cultural Repression

  19 October 2006

With labour union elections coming up soon in Egypt, Manal and Ala are reporting about labour strike in Ain Shams University, where salaries were almost halved. على خلفية الصراع الطبقي اللي محتدم في البلد بقاله 5 سنين و اللي وصل ذروته السنة دي كع اقتراب موعد انتخابات المقابات العمالية بدأ...

Lebanon: Should Egyptians Monitor Syria Borders?

  17 October 2006

Rami believes that to monitored the Syrian borders, Egyptians wouldn't be in Lebanon as Sunnis. They'd be there as proud Arabs guaranteeing peace and love between two Arab countries. But before this proposal could go anywhere, Hezbollah would try to stop it.

Egypt: Nuclear Cartoons!

  17 October 2006

T. Shahin is one smart cartoonist with views about current political issue around the world. See what he has to say about latest news regarding nuclear weapons!

Arabisc: Ramadan, War, Freedom and Other Issues

  12 October 2006

With all Muslim countries marking the Holy Month of Ramadan, UAE blogger Bin Kerishan, wonders why people fast. كل العبادات تسبب للانسان الاما و معاناه كالحج و الصلاه و الصيام و الاخير من اقساها و اكثرها ضررا على صحته.. لماذا لا يكون الطقس الديني مسليا؟ كالذهاب لملاقاة الاصدقاء في المقهى...

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