· June, 2012

Stories about Egypt from June, 2012

Egypt: Assault on Women in Tahrir Square

  28 June 2012

Journalist Natasha Smith narrates her ordeal of suffering mass sexual assault while heading to Tahrir Square to join the celebrations in a post titled “Please God. Please make it stop,” triggering more than 1000 comments.

Arab World: People With Disabilities Raise Their Voices!

  27 June 2012

An online campaign was launched to shed light on the struggle of people with disabilities and their neglected rights. Campaign founder Abdallah AlShalaqi, an activist from Saudi Arabia said it aims at raising community’s awareness of the rights of people with disabilities; breaking media silence about it; and giving a message to government officials to take action towards this issue.

Africa: Celebrating Humanity through Photos and Videos

  26 June 2012

An article highlighting 21 pictures that will restore your humanity recently went viral. Unfortunately, Africans and Africa were absent from all of them. Yet, there is no shortage of great testimonies of human spirit from the African continent. Here are a few photos and videos that show, 'Africa's got Heart' too.

Egypt: Introducing the MorsiMeter

  25 June 2012

After 32 years of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt has a new president and a new application to monitor the performance of its newly elected president Mohamed Morsi and the progress in the achievement of the 64 main promises he made during his election campaign.

Egypt: The Beer and the State

  23 June 2012

Egyptian blogger Amr Gharbeia tweets:”#Egypt invented beer & the state. Either the state came first so we made beer to forget, or beer was so good we didn't see the state coming.”

Sudan: Netizens Verify Internet Blackout Rumours

  22 June 2012

Netizens are watching Sudan closely, following rumours that the Sudanese authorities intend to cut off the Internet - a chilling reminder of Egypt's attempt to silence activists and contain the January 25 revolution when it pulled the plug off the www on January 27.

Egypt: The Old Man of Tahrir

  22 June 2012

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia shares a snippet on the old man of Tahrir. Check out his story here. “I know that in time of Shafik as a president , that old man will be arrested and sent to some mental asylum for believing in mythical thing as #Jan25,” she writes.

Egypt: Two Camps, One Caricature

  22 June 2012

I have found no better summary of the current intriguing and backstabbing between the religious establishment on one side and their secularist counterparts on the other than a caricature, distributed first by the Islamists over Facebook, then altered by the other side to show their point of view.

Egypt: Mubarak Dies One More Time

  21 June 2012

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has died at least once every few weeks since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, which toppled his 32-year reign. Netizens react to the latest speculations regarding his health.

Egypt: The Inevitable Clash between State and Muslim Brotherhood

  18 June 2012

“No matter what the outcome is, I am neither depressed nor demotivated. I have resolved, many months ago, that this revolution is continuing with or without me, and that the clash with the state and the MB [Muslim Brotherhood] is inevitable and coming,” writes Mahmoud Salem, aka The Sandmonkey.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Announces Victory

  18 June 2012

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi and Hosni Mubarak's former premier Ahmed Shafiq declared they will be the next president of Egypt. The two men went neck and neck, and the official results will be announced on Thursday. Netizens, unhappy with both candidates, turn to Twitter to express their views.

Egypt: Documentary on Female Journalist of the Revolution going on US Tour

  14 June 2012

Words of Witness, a documentary on a young female journalist reporting the Egyptian revolution is going on tour in the USA. First in film festivals in California and in New York, then through a crowd-funding initiative they hope to raise funds to go to even more university campuses to share the story of youth, revolution, gender roles and new media.

Egypt: Right to Housing initiative

  13 June 2012

Egyptian blogger and urbanism researcher Yahia Shawkat, in association with Mosireen, a citizen-journalism collective, and the Arab Digital Expression Foundation, ADEF have recently launched the “Right to Housing, a Socially Just and Sustainable Built Environment” initiative. This video, subtitled in English, entitled “No sir these are self-built communities” is the first episode...

Egypt: A Legal Tangle

  12 June 2012

The Arabist sheds light on a legal tangle in Egypt, which could force fresh presidential elections. “All of this is to say that the situation is extremely confusing […] the elections could be cancelled. In fact, if parliament is dissolved as well, the transition would essentially go back to square...

Egypt: The Ultra's Song

  12 June 2012

Egyptian blogger Mostafa Hussein shares a video featuring a song by the Ahli football club supporters The Ultras on current events in Egypt.

Egypt: Recognising Catastrophe

  12 June 2012

Writing from Egypt, Maryanne Stroud Gabbani shares her thoughts on the Egyptian presidential elections here. “I wish I could really say that I've gained some understanding of what is happening in Egypt right now, of what we can expect, but I can't,” she confesses.

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