· August, 2013

Stories about Egypt from August, 2013

Egypt Goes Quack Over #SpyDuck

  31 August 2013

Egypt arrested a “duck” - with a spying gadget. There is more to the duck than meets the eye. On Twitter, netizens grab the occasion to quack up jokes.

Pro-Morsi Supporters Rally Across Egypt

  23 August 2013

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia maintains a live blog here for protests and rallies planned by supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi across Egypt today. (August 23, 2013) She adds: There will be not less than 28 rallies in Cairo and Giza alone. The Pro-Supporters today are not going to street...

Egypt: Caught Between a Zombie and a Bloodsucker!

  21 August 2013

The current situation in Egypt is a challenge for everyone: diplomats, citizens and commentators. The army has used excessive force to disperse sit-ins where Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers were camped to support former president Mohamed Morsi. Illustrating this complex situation, Egyptian artist Ganzeer depicts the army as a vampire...

Churches Attacked in Upper Egypt

  19 August 2013

David Degner shares photographs from the mobbed and burned churches in Mallawi, Minya, in Upper Egypt here. He writes: Friday two churches in the village of Mallawi, a village in the province of Minya, were attacked and set on fire. After the attack on the pro-Morsy sit in where more...

China: Egypt's Bloody Crackdown Brings Back Memories of Tiananmen

  19 August 2013

Egypt’s bloody crackdown on August 14 reminded many Chinese of the Tiananmen massacre in 1989. Many condemned the violent crackdown and applauded the courage of the Egyptian people to fight for democracy. But some saw the current chaos in Egypt as a result of a blind promotion of Western-style democracy....

PHOTO: Churches are Crying in Egypt

  16 August 2013

In reaction to burning churches, a little girl in Upper Egypt sketched this picture that brought tears to my eyes: pic.twitter.com/iymw3SF49R — daliaziada (@daliaziada) August 15, 2013 Egyptian women rights advocate Dalia Aziada posted this tweet after several Coptic churches were burnt across Egypt following a brutal military operation on August 14 2013, to clear...

Rabaa, Egypt: I Have Seen Patients With Their Heads Blown Out

  15 August 2013

Islam Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian doctor who was protesting at Rabaa in Cairo found himself trying to save his fellow protesters as their camp came under brutal siege by Egyptian security forces on August 14, 2013. He narrated his first-hand horrific account in a public Facebook note: I have seen patients...

Coptic Churches Burnt in Egypt

  14 August 2013

On social media, many suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood has been fanning the flames of sectarianism, pitting Muslim against Christian, resulting in today's unprecedented wide-scale attacks.

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