· April, 2006

Stories about Egypt from April, 2006

Egypt: Lesson to be learned

  28 April 2006

Today Zeinobia talks about important Egyptian term that you may have heard or read it while reading the modern Egyptian political history or even while following the news of the clash between the Judges and the regime nowadays. The term is “The Judges Massacre”!

Egypt: Judicial System

  27 April 2006

While the judicial system in Egypt is facing a hard time with the government, the civilian support for the beaten judges are also treated harshly. Baheyya writes about the latest developments and has a link to a video which shows the security forces’ disbanding of the peaceful vigil in support...

Dahab Spring Tears

  25 April 2006

Another black day! Yesterday, Egypt was having a national holiday, Sham an Nessim, just few days after the Coptic Easter, which means that many Egyptians were in Dahab as well as foreigners. At about 19:15 local time, three different explosions rocked the tourist town of Dahab. It was reported that...

Egypt: Sham an Nessim

24 April 2006

According to Ibn ad Dunya, The Giza Zoo, the oldest Zoo in Africa (innaugerated March 1, 1891), reopened on Sham an Nessim, (litteraly the smell the brezze-festival) after being closed for 45 days, due to the bird flu. The Giza Zoo is normally one of the major attractions on this...

Egypt: Church Attacks

  17 April 2006

Jar Elkamar wrote an eye witness account of one of the last Friday church attacks in Egypt. Elijah translated it here. Also of interest is this opinion by a Christian Egyptian who said that the attacks do not represent Islam and warning about using it as an excuse to crush...

Egypt: Wafd and Mubarak

  2 April 2006

Yesterday, Elijah was inside the Wafd Party headquarters as rival factions clashed there and 23 journalists, lawyers, and party employees were injured during clashes with supporters of Noman Gomaa. Elijah uploaded few photos which shows the clashes. A few days ago, Elijah also blogged about Gamal Mubarak's first live TV...

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