· July, 2007

Stories about Egypt from July, 2007

Arabeyes: Singers Banned in Syria and Terrorist Arabs at All Airports

  31 July 2007

A number of female Arab singers have been banned from singing in Syria - to put a limit to moral corruption. In another development, Arabs seem to be targeted at airports around the world, even in their own homes, where they are being treated like terrorists. These are just two of the conversations taking place in Arabic blogs this week.

Palestine: The Plight of Women

  29 July 2007

Instead of the usual political banter, this week's view into the Palestinian blogosphere will focus on women - join Jillian York for a glimpse into what female bloggers (or those blogging about females) are thinking.

Egypt: Soccer Counters Terrorism, Blogger Helps Drug Addict, Blogging Egypt's History and More

  26 July 2007

In this week's round-up from Egypt there are so many intertwined stories. One blogger is asking: what is the relation between soccer and terrorism? We also have an interesting story by Isis, (Egypt-The Reality), who is helping a drug addict because of a blog post. Egypt-Napoleon's history is being profiled in a new blog and can a new fatwa (religious opinion) bring imprisoned Egyptian blogger Karim Amer back to life? There is also a follow up on the 11-year-old mother by Zeinobia.

Arabeyes: Internet War Continues in Egypt

  26 July 2007

After harassing, questioning and detaining bloggers, the war on the Internet continues in Egypt, this time attacking where it hurts most - the pocket! This is how Egyptian bloggers react to the hike in prices, which will be introduced in September.

“Following the release of the ‘Benghazi Six,’ Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov has pardoned and released them. He’s also granted citizenship to the Palestinian among them,” reports Elijah Zarwan from Egypt.

Egypt: New Heir

  19 July 2007

A new possible heir to the Egyptian throne is due in seven months, writes Zeinobia.

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