· August, 2010

Stories about Egypt from August, 2010

Egypt: Ramadan Television and the Muslim Brotherhood

  28 August 2010

This year in Ramadan the Egyptian TV decided to produce a series about the opposition party Al-Ikhwan (The Muslim Brotherhood). The TV series, which is called El Gamaa, tries to shed light on the history of group and it's founder Hassan El Banna, bringing criticism from many bloggers that it reflects nothing but the regime's point of view.

Egypt: My First Fast

  23 August 2010

Food Jihadist, is an American expat living in Egypt. She shared her experience of fasting for the first time in Cairo this year. Muslims are marking Ramadan, a month of fasting where food and water are prohibited from dawn to dusk.

Egypt: Egyptian Woman Vs a Woman….

  23 August 2010

Aliaa Elzeiny, an Egyptian studying political science at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, is reflecting on whether there is a different between “Egyptian Women” and “Women” or not.

MENA: The Bigger Picture Behind Eden Abergil's Facebook Photos

  21 August 2010

When ex-Israeli soldier Eden Abergil's Facebook photo album "IDF-the best days of my life" was revealed to contain pictures of her posing mockingly alongside blindfolded Palestinian detainees, the blogosphere was outraged. In this post, Katharine Ganly takes a look at some of the different reactions from the MENA region.

Morocco: When Sarkozy “Proposes” a French Version of Ramadan

  21 August 2010

When Ahmed wrote his satirical blog post about a completely fictional announcement by president Nicolas Sarkozy intending to impose a French version of Islam on French Muslims, he never imagined his "story" would make the headlines of newspapers and mainstream media websites, not as the innocent prank he initially intended but as factual news.

Tech and Transparency in MENA: A Long Way to Go

  19 August 2010

Technology for transparency activists are making headway in the Middle East and North Africa, but greater access to both technology tools and skills and legal assistance is needed in order to maximize their potential.

Egypt: Know New Blogs

  12 August 2010

Know New Blogs is a new meme started by Moroccan Egyptian Basma Aal at In Between the Lines. “Know New Blogs is a way to explore new blogs that is about different topics from all over the world,” she writes. This month's meme focuses on Arab bloggers, and those writing...

China: Visa tales

  8 August 2010

With all the economic growth in China over the past few decades and a growing number of global travelers to match, have visa requirements for Chinese citizens been adapting in step? Well-heeled journalist Chen Zikun shares his experiences, see if or how any of them compare to yours.

Egypt: Obssessed with Celebrities’ Religion

  8 August 2010

In Egypt, some people decide to like or hate celebrities based on their religion. Lebanese actress Nour, Egyptian actress Basma, radio host Osama Mounir, and many others have all been subjected to this scrutiny. Why are people so obsessed with the beliefs of celebrities?

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