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Stories about Egypt from May, 2011

Egypt: Letter from Military Prison Cell No. 10

  30 May 2011

During their arrest period in a military prison activist Mosa'ab Elshamy and his cell mates wrote notes and messages, which he later on (after his release) published on tumblr [en and ar]. Ahmad el Azhary says in one of them: “Cell no 10. Guys 10/10. Companionship for a Cause rather...

Egypt: Mubarak Fined for Internet Blackout during Revolution

  28 May 2011

An Egyptian court has fined ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and other officials 540 million Egyptian pounds ($90m) for disconnecting the Internet and mobile phone services during the revolution. Mubarak's regime first shut down access to Twitter when protests started, then Facebook, before turning off the Internet on January 28.

Egypt: Opening of Rafah Crossing with Gaza

  28 May 2011

Egypt opened its Rafah order crossing with the Gaza Strip today, allowing people to cross freely into Egypt for the first time in four years. The border, which is Gaza's main gateway to the outside world, was opened sporadically during the reign of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Following are some reactions from Twitter on this latest development.

Egypt: Tahrir Speaks

  28 May 2011

Egyptians flooded the streets around the country on Friday (May 27) to affirm their unwavering commitment to the vision and spirit of the revolution they ignited on January 25, 2011. Here is a round up of Tahrir events on Jadaliyya by Bassam Haddad and Ziad Abu-Rish: Tahrir Speaks, which features...

Egypt: Gearing Up for a Second Revolutionary Round

  27 May 2011

Egypt will not sleep tonight in preparation for its Second Day of Anger. Following Mubarak's ousting, many feel that the demands raised since the start of the January 25 revolution have mostly not been fulfilled. The calls for the second day of anger at Tahrir Square this Friday aim to reignite the revolution.

Egypt: A Day for Criticizing the Military

  24 May 2011

Why did the Egyptian bloggers decide to dedicate the 23 May to criticizing the Supreme Council of Armed Forces on their blogs? So far 375 blog posts criticising the army have popped up on blogs despite a law which makes any criticism illegal.

Egypt: Brutal Army Crackdown of Nakba Day Protests in Cairo

  22 May 2011

The Egyptian army cracked down with brutal force on a Nakba day protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo on May 15, 2011, firing teargas, rubber-coated steel bullets - and, some reported, live bullets - at protesters. Coverage quickly turned dramatic, reminiscent in tone of the 18 days of the revolution, as many protesters and journalists tweeted non-stop reports of the clashes and posted snapshots.

Egypt: I Unfollowed Ghonim Because …

  18 May 2011

Egyptian cyber activist Wael Ghonim, who shot to international fame after being arrested at the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, is facing criticism from the very same Egyptians who earlier championed for his release. In a series of tweets today, Ghonim urged the protesters to put their country's economic prosperity ahead of their revolutionary agenda, sparking a flurry of reactions on Twitter.

Egypt: Online Campaigns to Release Arrested Protesters Underway

  17 May 2011

Egyptian cyber activists went back to their keyboards to demand the release of protesters and bystanders arrested on Sunday for being at a protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo to commemorate the Nakba (Day of Catastrophe as it is known in the Arab world) which marks the day the State of Israel was created in 1948.

Africa: A Possible Al-Qaeda Redeployment in Africa?

  10 May 2011

On his blog, Dierry Diallo takes up an article [fr] on Slate.fr where one can read: “For the GSPC , the stakes are enormous: it's about controlling a formidable strip of land stretching from the Atlantic and Mauritania all the way to Sinai and the Red Sea. Hence Bin Laden's...

Greece: Arab Cyberactivists To Speak About Networked Uprisings

  5 May 2011

Global Voices authors Tarek Amr and Lina Ben Mhenni, as well as the administrator of Tunisian group blog Nawaat, Malek Khadraoui, will be speaking in Athens on May 7, 2011 about the Arab revolutions and online censorship, in an event [el] organized by Greek political zines re-public and konteiner. Nawaat is the...

Arab World: Questions and Closure Follow Bin Laden's Death

  3 May 2011

Saudi terror mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed in a United States CIA operation in Abbottage, Pakistan, yesterday. Netizens from around the Arab world have reacted to the news. On Twitter, reactions flowed all day, with some cheering his death and others mourning the demise of the Al Qaeda's 54-year-old head, whom they called a martyr.

Morocco: “I Love Kech!”

  2 May 2011

Marrakech, the main tourist attraction in Morocco, was hit on Thursday by a bomb attack. Bloggers are asking people to send their pictures to show solidarity with the victims of the attack.

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