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Stories about Egypt from April, 2011

Egypt: Graffiti – For a Colorful Revolution and an Undying Memory

  29 April 2011

From the early days of the Egyptian revolution, protesters adopted their ancestors way of documenting the glorious days, documenting the days of the revolutions on the walls of Tahrir Square in central Cairo, the epicentre of demonstrations. In turn, the graffiti frenzy flourished across the walls of Cairo.

Arab World: Royal Wedding Fever in the Air

  28 April 2011

The hype surrounding the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton tomorrow (April 29) has reached the Middle East, where some tweeps took a break from covering the ongoing Arab revolutions to remark on the ceremony and reception, which will follow at Buckingham Palace.

Iraq: Is Saddam Still Alive?

  28 April 2011

Saddam Hussein is making the rounds on social media, with a new recording claiming that the Iraqi dictator is alive and well and that his double Mikhail was the one executed on December 30, 2006. Many netizens are quick to describe the video as phoney and assure readers that Saddam is dead and gone. Had he been alive, the former Iraqi dictator would have turned 74 today.

Egypt: Gigi Ibrahim on The Daily Show

  27 April 2011

The appearance of Egyptian political activist Gigi Ibrahim on The Daily Show brought a wave of support and protests from fellow tweeps, who covered the Egyptian revolution. Gigi spoke about the Egyptian revolution and how she was introduced to politics, mocking hypocritical US foreign policy towards the Middle Eastern uprisings and how Egyptians and Arabs are perceived in the media. Here are some reactions from Twitter.

Egypt: Protesting for Syria

  26 April 2011

Scores of Egyptians joined Syrian students who gathered outside the Syrian Embassy in Cairo in protest against the killing of demonstrators and called for the overthrow of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad. Protesters chanted in solidarity with the Syrian demonstrators.

Global: Bloggers Take Issue with Anti-Niqaab Punditry

  20 April 2011

On April 16, 2011, France's ban on the niqaab and burqa went into effect, re-stirring emotions on the subject and sparking protests in the European country and beyond. In cyberspace, bloggers are taking issue with popular pundits on the subject, focusing particular attention on Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy's pro-niqaab ban stance.

Egypt: “I really sympathize with Mubarak”

  16 April 2011

Hany George, an Egyptian blogger and activist shares a true story from Tahrir Square that he dedicates to all the people who still sympathize with ousted president Hosni Mubarak as he is detained and prosecuted in Egypt.

Egypt: Gene Sharp Taught Us How To Revolt!

  15 April 2011

Last February, The New York Times wrote an article about the political science professor, Gene Sharp, whose ideas were credited as being an inspiration for the Egyptian revolution, as well as many other uprisings in the region. Egyptian netizens respond to the claim with the hashtag on Twitter.

Egypt: Mubarak in Detention

  15 April 2011

Just a few months ago, many Egyptians might have wished to see the country's then-president Mubarak in jail, yet almost certainly none of them imagined this wish might come true one day. However, on Wednesday April 13, 2011 Egyptians woke up to the news of Mubarak's detention first thing in the morning. Here is how the moment was documented in the Egyptian social media scene.

Egypt: “We are all Maikel Nabil”

  12 April 2011

The sentencing of blogger Maikel Nabil to 3 years in prison by a military tribunal in closed session for criticizing the army, two days after a bloody crackdown in Tahrir Square, has Egyptian netizens in an uproar, exercising their newfound free speech rights while seeing them being threatened

Egypt: Crackdown on Tahrir After “Cleansing Friday”

  10 April 2011

Tahrir Square was the scene of a brutal crackdown on the night of the biggest protest since Mubarak's ousting, which seemed to have revived the spirit of the revolution, harking back to some of the darkest Friday nights of the country's 18 days of protest. Asteris Masouras brings us the latest from netizens in the second of a two-part series.

Egypt: “Cleansing Friday” in Tahrir Square Reboots the Revolution

  10 April 2011

For the tenth week in a row since the Egyptian revolution began in January 25, 2011, Cairo's people took to downtown Tahrir square in large numbers to peacefully demonstrate against corrupt officials remaining in power and to show solidarity to Arab uprisings. Asteris Masouras takes us to the heart of Tahrir in the first of a two-part series.

Egypt: Remembering Bahr El-Baqar Incident

  9 April 2011

Forty one years ago, the Israeli Air Force raided a primary school in the Egyptian village of Bahr el-Baqar. About 30 of its students died, over 50 were severely wounded, and many were left with disabilities. And after all those years, Egyptians still remember the massacre.

Egypt: Basboussa for President!

  6 April 2011

Former Egyptian television anchor and activist Bothaina Kamel announced on Twitter that she would be running for the Egyptian presidential elections. Here are reactions for and against her plans.

Syria: Two Returned Home Safely, Khaled El Ghayesh Still Missing

  3 April 2011

Last week, Egyptian-American Muhammad Radwan (known as @battutta on Twitter) was arrested in Syria and accused of spying, as well as of receiving requests from abroad for photos and videos about Syria. Yesterday, Radwan announced on Twitter that he'd made it home safely.

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