· October, 2013

Stories about Egypt from October, 2013

Meetup with Global Voices!

Rising Voices  31 October 2013

Throughout the months of November and December, we are organizing six global in-person 'meetups' led and facilitated by Global Voices members.

Egypt: Urban Constitution Document

  30 October 2013

As the “50 member-committee” meets to amend Egypt's constitution, some civil society organizations and urban activists participated in producing what they called the “urban constitution document” [Ar]: We present this document to “50 member-committee” as a comprehensive suggestion for articles we see important in being added to the constitution. What's...

Egypt: “Morsi is Not Coming Back”

  22 October 2013

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi will not return to power, says Egyptian blogger Alya Gad, on Twitter. To make her message clear, she translates it in different languages: مرسي لن يعود – Morsi is not coming back – Morsi no va a volver – Morsi ne reviendra pas – Morsi...

Dandin.me: Encompassing the Emerging Talent in the Middle East

  19 October 2013

October 10 saw the official launch of Dandin.me, a novel independent platform whose founders are based in Egypt. Abdel-Rahman Hussein, one of the people behind Dandin.me, explains what it aims to achieve: The rationale behind it was our desire to create an audio platform that would manage to encompass a...

Pro and Anti-Military Rallies Planned for Egypt's Tahrir Square

  4 October 2013

On Twitter, Nancy asks if the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party had really used the same poster for the movie, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, in calling for protests on October 6: Did the #FjP seriously just use the World War Z poster to...

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