· March, 2010

Stories about Egypt from March, 2010

Arab World: Earth Hour Marked Across the Region

  30 March 2010

Earth Hour is an annual event celebrated on the last Saturday in March. Awareness of Earth Hour has been spreading throughout the world since its inception in Australia in 2007. In this post, Katharine Ganly takes a look at some of the initiatives celebrating Earth Hour in the Arab World.

Egypt: And the IslamOnline strike continues

  18 March 2010

The IslamOnline employees sit-in continues in Cairo, Egypt, after 250 employees were given their notice. The disgruntled employees are livestreaming, blogging and using Twitter to broadcast their plight. Mohamed El Gohary brings us the latest update.

Saudi Arabia: 1,000 lashes for YouTube video

  17 March 2010

A Saudi man has been charged for morality crimes after a video appeared on YouTube where he is dressed in police uniform, dancing and flirting with the male cameraman. He has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes, a 5,000 rial ($1,333) fine and a year in prison. Katharine Ganly takes a look at some blogger reactions.

Egypt: IslamOnline Employees Strike

  16 March 2010

Hundreds of employees, editors, and journalists started an angry sit-in in the widely read Cairo-based IslamOnline news website after 250 employees were sacked. For the first time, strikers are using new media efficiently and effectively to draw all the attention needed to support their cause, from continuous Twitter updates to live streaming.

Egypt: RIP Fouad Zakariyya

  14 March 2010

On The Arabist, Issandr El Amrani marks the death of Fouad Zakariyya, a leading Egyptian philosopher and sophisticated critic of Islamist thought, in this post.

Egypt: Happy Mother's Day!

  14 March 2010

Mother's Day is celebrated on March 21 across all Arab countries. Nermeena, from Egypt, celebrates early with this post.

Egypt: El Baradie Has Arrived

  1 March 2010

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed El Baradie, who has announced earlier that he may run for the presidential elections in 2011, returned to Egypt. Tarek Amr reviews the reactions of bloggers in this post.

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