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Stories about Egypt from September, 2008

Egypt: National Theater on Fire

  28 September 2008

It seems that the Egyptians have succeeded in bringing Nero back to life. And the Egyptian Nero has a long list of places to burn. He started with the Egyptian Parliament a few weeks ago, and now it's time for the Egyptian National Theater.

Syria: Chilling Eyewitness Blogger Account on Damascus Explosion

  27 September 2008

With very little information coming out on today's massive explosion in Damascus, Syria, one blogger was on the site and rushed back to his computer to describe to the world the scene of devastation and chaos he has witnessed. Also, what are other bloggers saying about the incident?

Egypt: Jihad Hackers

  26 September 2008

Is Jihad spilling from the ground on to the virtual world? Egyptian blogger Marwa Rakha writes here (and here) about how the internet has affected the ongoing debate between the secular and Islamic camps in Egypt.

Egypt: Kidnapped Tourists

  22 September 2008

A group of 15 foreign tourists, including five Italians, were kidnapped on Monday in southern Egypt. Egyptian bloggers react.

Young Egyptian Women Do Not Want to Work!

  17 September 2008

While some women are still struggling to prove themselves in the workplace, the young generation of Egyptian men and women seems to be taking different route. Marwa Rakha brings us the story of how young Egyptians told a television show that they did not want their wives to work.

Egypt: Another Doweika Tragedy Waiting to Happen!

  17 September 2008

More than 1,100 students have so far joined a Facebook group crying for attention for a tragedy waiting to happen at Alexandria University's Engineering College. As more than 7,000 students get ready to return to classes, will their plight be heard? Marwa Rakha reports.

Egypt: Who are those People … in the People's Assembly?

  17 September 2008

In the aftermath of the Egyptian Parliament going up in flames, people's reactions ranged from utter shock, sadness, to gloating. Wael Nawara conducted an independent poll asking bloggers, readers, and Egyptian internet users to answer the following question: Does the Egyptian Parliament truly represent the people? Marwa Rakha shares the results.

Suez Canal donates 1,000,000 Egyptian Pounds to Doweika Victims

  16 September 2008

Like Asser Mattar, many Egyptians were happy to find out that Suez Canal canceled its annual celebration on September 14 to donate a total of one million Egyptian Pounds to support the victims of the Doweika tragedy. Scores of people were killed and injured when huge rocks fell on 35 homes in the slum in one of Cairo's poorest neighbourhoods.

Egypt: A Racist Video Game

  14 September 2008

Muslim Massacre is a video game that has been released lately, where gamers have to use all sorts of weapons to kill as many Muslims and Muslim figures as they can, including ALLAH Almighty. Egyptian bloggers react.

Egypt at the Paralympics

  14 September 2008

Egypt's special athletes are making waves in Beijing, China, where this year's Paralympic Games are being held from September 6 to 17. While Egypt clinched one bronze medal in this year's Beijing Summer Olympics, athletes in the Paralympics are achieving a success like no other. So far the team has won four gold, three silver and four bronze medals.

Iran:The Blogging Revolution

  14 September 2008

Antony Loewenstein’s The Blogging Revolution will be available on Amazon soon. The Blogging Revolution talks about Iran, Egypt,Syria,Saudi Arabia, China and Cuba. This is how he describes the book.

Egypt: Kareem being Harassed in Prison

  9 September 2008

When Kareem’s friends were denied entry to the prison in order to visit him, we knew that something’s up. Today a report from The Arab Network for Human Rights Information documents the fact that Kareem is being harassed by both prison guards and other inmates, and is in poor physical...

Egypt: Unfair Sentences

  9 September 2008

An Egyptian was handed a 15-year prison terms in Egypt for his involvement in leaking secondary school exams while a policeman was jailed for seven years for torturing a man to death in a police station in the same country. Ibn Al Dunya reflects on the these and other sentences,...

Egypt: Help for Landslide Victims

  9 September 2008

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia provides information about how people can help the victims of a mudslide landslide in a poor neighbourhood in Cairo. “We will not count on the government alone,” she notes.

Egypt: Rocks Slide over Slums in Cairo

  8 September 2008

Egypt woke up on breaking news that “Casualties & injuries in rock blocks collapse over slums of Doweiqa, Cairo” on a Twitter update by Egyptian blogger Noura Yunis on Saturday. A massive rocky body fell from the Mokhatam Mountain, crashing down few apartments just below it, at around 7am, killing at least 30 people. Egyptian blogger react.

Egypt: HIV in Egypt

  8 September 2008

“What Is It Like to Be HIV Positive in Egypt?,” blogger The Egypt guy, replies on a previous question in an interview with Ayman, an HIV-Positive Egyptian. The Egypt guy also highlights the sentencing of HIV patients in court in Egypt.

Egypt's vibrant blogosphere

  8 September 2008

“According to a recent report published by the Egyptian Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), Egypt has over 162,000 bloggers, mostly between 20-30 year olds, which constitutes 30 percent of Arab bloggers,” explains Diana Mukkaled.

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