· September, 2005

Stories about Egypt from September, 2005

Egypt: Protest

30 September 2005

Referring to recent presidential election in Egypt, Baheyya writes, “In the name of nine million unemployed, your rule Mubarak is void!.”

Egypt: Kefaya

23 September 2005

Baheyya draws a quick portrait of Abdel Halim Qandil, a leader of the Kifaya movement (Arabic) and the editor-in-chief of Al Arabi, the mouthpiece of the Nasserist party and one of the most outspoken and virulently anti-Mubarak publication in Egypt.

Egypt: Lowlights of Autumn

22 September 2005

Autumn, the date harvest, summer flu, horse counting cows, all what you missed to see in the countryside of Egypt. Nice illustration by Maryanne, Living in Egypt.

Egypt: Trust in Religion

16 September 2005

Ritzy Mabrouk says that Egyptians are more likely to define themselves by religion than any other people in the world.

Egypt: Itharak

13 September 2005

Karim Elsahy attended one of Egyptian bloggers meetup last night and the outcome was a new project; Itharak.com. The idea behind Itharak (“get moving” in Arabic) is to get people to pledge to do things that will give them the chance to make some changes in the coming Parliamentary elections...

Egypt: Aljazeera Kids Channel

12 September 2005

Miss Mabrouk of Egypt points to Aljazeera newly inaugurated, first Arabic-language channel dedicated to children. Aljazeera says it will help them “develop self-esteem, respect their traditions and values, appreciate people around them and develop a passion for learning.”

Egypt: Mubarak Won

8 September 2005

President Hosni Mubarak won Egypt's first contested presidential race, according to a preliminary count Thursday. An expected result in spite of all the election's irregularity reports as blogged by Ritzy.

Egypt: Sowtona – Our Voice

  7 September 2005

Sowtona – Our Voice – (English and Arabic) is a new blog for and about Egyptian citizens. A team of journalists interviewed more than 1,000 ordinary Egyptians to find out about their problems. These voices were the basis for a special voter guide about today presidential election.

Egypt: Sadat Assassination Investigates

2 September 2005

Mamduh Shawqi is asking to sign a petition to the United Nations urging it to start investigating Sadat's assassination as it investigates El-Hariri's.

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