· July, 2010

Stories about Egypt from July, 2010

Egypt: Is Egypt Sinking?

  28 July 2010

The Economist has published a special report on Egypt and its future after President Hosni Mubarak, who has now been recognized as the 21st century sick man of the Middle East. Egyptian bloggers have their say.

Egypt: Liberals mourn the death of Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid

  23 July 2010

Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid, a prominent Egyptian scholar once accused of apostasy for his contemporary interpretation of Islam, has died on July 5, 2010. He was 66. Officials at the Cairo hospital where Abu Zeid had been receiving treatment for the past two weeks said he died Monday from a brain infection. Liberal Egyptian bloggers mourn his death.

Egypt: Niqab ban in France stirs controversy

  23 July 2010

The lower house of the Spanish Parliament is debating a proposal to prohibit the wearing of body-covering burqas and face-covering niqabs in all public spaces in Spain, and the French parliament just approved a ban on niqabs (face veils). Bloggers from across the Middle East react.

Egypt: Men and Women You Shouldn't Date

  19 July 2010

What started as an observation by an Egyptian blogger on Twitter on women you shouldn't date turned the microblogging site into a battlefield. Tweeps from Egypt and further afield joined the warring factions. Tarek Amr reports from the front line.

Egypt: The Beginning

  19 July 2010

“Welcome all to ‘Bedayaa‘ (which translates to ‘The Beginning’ in Arabic) a long-awaited project, a special place for gays and lesbians in the Nile Valley- Egypt and Sudan”: A new online space has been created where LGBTQI from the Nile Valley can meet, talk, discuss issues, and share experiences. Take...

Egypt: Lessons from Knee Surgery

  13 July 2010

From Egypt, Maryanne Stroud Gabbani writes about her experience dealing with knee surgery. “I went in to fix my knees, but came out with a new appreciation for my life,” she concludes.

Egypt: Rehabilitation for Police Officers?

  12 July 2010

Egyptian Mostafa writes: “Since change from the top seems unlikely. Civil society should establish programs to reach out and provide alternative career options for current police officers who are willing to leave their jobs.”

Egypt: On Khaled Said's Murder

  5 July 2010

Egyptian blogger Mostapha shares his thoughts on the murder of Khaled Said, allegedly at the hands of two secret service policemen.

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