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Stories about Egypt from June, 2006

Egypt: We are cheap!

  29 June 2006

Why we are cheap? Zeinobia feels so and she writes why. She said: “For one man , one kidnapped solider , not even a dead , not even for a group of soldiers Israel is punishing one million person in Gaza Strip . I feel so cheap when three Egypt...

Egypt: World Cup, Monopoly and Islam

  28 June 2006

Zeinobia is a defended of Amr Khalid and supported him and his effort to improve the conditions of Muslim youth and youth in general. Yet, she record here anger on Mr. Khalid because of his support to the on going monopoly of Shekih Salah Kamal, the owner of ART Satellite...

Egypt: Pope Shenouda's health in danger

  23 June 2006

Zeinobia writes that Pope Shenouda's health is in danger now and already he went to Germany in treatment journey in the same hospital President Mubarak went last year. The medical test showed how danger his health condition has reached and that he must go to the United States for immediate...

Alaa Is Free

  22 June 2006

Award-winning Egyptian blogger and activist Alaa Seif al-Islam Abd al-Fattah walked out of Omraniya police station late this afternoon after spending 46 days in detention for attending a May 7 protest. I spoke with him soon after his release and he sounded fine—exhausted after a terrible night in the police...

Egypt: Rights lawyer remembered

  21 June 2006

As activists in Egypt continue to demand an independent judiciary Baheyya celebrates the life of the recently deceased campaigning lawyer Ahmed Nbil al Hilali. In his lifetime, he was christened “the saint of the national movement,” the “liberties lawyer,” and “the Egyptian people’s advocate,” since he spent nearly all of...

Egypt: Alaa Released, Finally

  20 June 2006

Good News! Alaa's wife, Manal, reports that her husband was finally released. He will be back home tomorrow morning or maximum by Thursday. Congratulations Alaa!

Egypt: Mary Western

20 June 2006

Freedom for Egyptians explains why Egyptian females should marry a Western not an Egyptian guy.

Truth and Consequences

  17 June 2006

The first thing that struck me as I passed by the Press Syndicate earlier this week to eavesdrop on a meeting of Egyptian bloggers was the Central Security trucks parked around the corner. The steel police barriers around the sidewalk and steps of the Syndicate were lightly manned by a...

Arabisc: The Arabic Bloggers Ken, Media, Anti-Blogging and the World Cup

  16 June 2006

Blogging nightmare… Starting with hot news this week, it looks that the Egyptian blogsphere is going to have more hard time in the near future. Following Aljazeera's one hour TV documentary (Arabic) about blogging and its role in the political scene in the Egyptian street, one of the oldest, biggest...

Egypt: How to be an activist in 3 seconds

  15 June 2006

Here is a small tip from the Egyptian blogger El3en Elsehrya on how to become an activist: Just make a random mix of talks about the following: 1-Human Rights 2-Women Rights 3-Coptic Prosecution 4-Detained Bloggers 5-Random Personal Experiences 6-Sexual Freedom 7-Resenting Religions 8-Communism and socialist theories 9-Whatever topic others are...

Egypt: Solidarity events planned tomorrow

  14 June 2006

Hossam el-Hamalawy reports that the Liberties’ Committee has called for a stand in solidarity with detained journalists and activists tomorrow Thursday 12 noon, at the Press Syndicate. At 1pm, activists will also assemble in front of the General Prosecutor’s office to demand the release of the detainees.

Egypt: Inverting the Egyptian Flag

  12 June 2006

The Egyptian bloggers are circulating inverted Egyptian flags on their websites and mailing lists. The initiative was launched, it seems, shortly before the May 25 pro-judges demo, but it’s picking up now. Several blogs have posted the picture, Hossam said.

Egypt: Alaa got a 3rd 15 days

  5 June 2006

Egyptian State Security renewed Alaa’s detention for another 15 days today (he already spent 30 days in prison) . His wife Manal visited him today and reports that he took the news stoically and is trying to remain strong. Renewing them another 15 days could go on forever.

Egypt: From Alaa to Bloggers

  1 June 2006

Alaa, in his new letter from his cell says that he thought he will be happy to meet the rest of the detained activists, but ended up in disappointment and frustration from the conditions inside the prison (Arabic).

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