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Stories about Egypt from October, 2008

Egypt: Swingers Use Internet to Arrange Rendezvous

  29 October 2008

There are secrets behind closed doors. But to say that Egypt was shell shocked as news about its first swingers club emerged would be an understatement. And there is a small technicality - the couples first met online before arranging to meet face to face in cafes.

Egyptian Evil Empires

  26 October 2008

Not Green Data, from Egypt, compiles a s list of the five Egyptian evil empires. They are: the ruling National Democratic Party, Al Ahly Sporting Club, Microbus drivers, Al Ahram Newspaper and Egyptian tycoons.

Egypt: Blogosphere's Godparents Going South

  24 October 2008

Manalaa (i.e. Manal and Alaa) the godparents of the Egyptian blogosphere - are going to live in South Africa for a while, and Alaa has written a post [Ar] describing his feelings towards traveling and many other things.

Egypt: Laila Echoes Reverberate in the Land of the Nile

  22 October 2008

In its third year, the Kolena Laila (We Are All Laila) campaign took a different turn, reaching out to women with no access to the Internet and giving them a chance to speak to the world. Nermeen Edrees reviews some of the voices which had a chance to be heard.

Egypt: To Gold or Not To Gold

  22 October 2008

It seems that the financial crisis rocking the US markets is hurting people everywhere - even the daily decisions of laymen and people who do not own businesses. One Egyptian blogger describes what people in her country are doing with their hard earned savings.

Egypt: Humiliating Sexist Joke

  20 October 2008

From Egypt, Zeinobia shares this joke about women – expressing her shock at how some women found it funny and laughed -despite its “insulting humiliating nature.”

Iraq: Egyptian Editorial Attacks Syria

  19 October 2008

Roads to Iraq notes: “Strange attack from the Egyptian newspaper Al- Gomhuria on Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Attri and accusing Syria with spreading Shiaism.”

Arabeyes: Mickey Mouse Must Die..or Maybe Not

  15 October 2008

Mickey Mouse must die, declared a Saudi cleric in a television interview. Or perhaps that is not exactly what he said. Regardless, the interview found its way to television screens and newspaper headlines around the world and bloggers are at loggerheads with the issue. Did the cleric literally mean that Mickey Mouse must die or was it just another ploy to sensationalise and poke fun of anything an Arab and a Muslim utters?

Egypt: We are All Laila

  11 October 2008

We are all Laila, echo Egyptian female bloggers in one voice. Who is Laila and why do Egyptian girls and women associate themselves with her? Read on to learn how Egyptian bloggers are working to break the gender barrier and make their voices heard.

Egypt: Gaza Solidarity Activists Kidnapped, Abused and then Released

  9 October 2008

While celebrating the 6th of October victory and in alliance with the International Solidarity Movement to break Gaza Siege, activists from different Egyptian civil entities, syndicates, and political parties decided to head to Gaza in an attempt to break the siege. The attempt was cut short by the Egyptian Security, and around 36 activists were ‘kidnapped' and detained.

The Blogging Revolution: from Iran to Cuba

  7 October 2008

Antony Loewenstein, a Sydney-based freelance journalist and blogger, has recently published his new book: The Blogging Revolution. This book talks about the impact of blogging on six countries: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Cuba.

Egypt: The Fire Series Continues

  6 October 2008

After the iconic Parliament building and the National Theatre, the fire monster is at work in Egypt's textile district in El Mahalla El Kobra, reports Nermeen Edress. Egyptian bloggers are asking: are all those fires a coincidence or are there other factors at play?

Egypt: Mubarak Pardons Journalist

  6 October 2008

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak pardoned Al Dostour newspaper editor in chief Ibrahim Eissa, who was sentenced to two months in jail for publishing an article on the president's health. Zeinobia has the story.

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