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Stories about Egypt from August, 2005

Egypt: Egypt bloggers and Mubarak

30 August 2005

“In a country where most major newspapers are state-owned or affiliated to a party, the Internet is offering an unprecedented freedom and platform for an increasingly bold opposition to the regime.” This is how Agence France-Presse (AFP) described the present status of Egyptian bloggers, who are setting new standards in...

Egypt: Only in Egypt

29 August 2005

The Egyptian Person is following the Middle East Times, which occasionally has an article called “Only in Egypt“, which has a collection of weird and wondrous news items from Egypt. Chceck some of his collection.

Egypt: 2-3 Million Egyptians In Iraq

26 August 2005

Ritzy is reporting that there are 2-3 million egyptians living in Iraq right now, the majority of which did not report to the embassey since the occupation. She is wondering how many of those have joined the “insurgency” or are training there to inflict their own kind of “insurgency”?

Egypt: Egyptian presidential elections online polls

26 August 2005

The Arabist Network posts a roundup of a few Internet polls on the Egyptian presidential elections. They seem to confirm that the race is indeed between Ayman Nour and Hosni Mubarak, however, one has to keep in mind that the web sites that hosted these polls are opposition web sites!

Egypt: Artists Protest

25 August 2005

Baheyya from Egypt posts new photos of ‘Writers and Artists for Change’ while they staged their second protest in the public square at Cairo.

Egyptian, Bahraini and Iranian bloggers in the Christians Science monitor

  25 August 2005

Charles Levinson – Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, writes about Egypt's growing blogger community and mentions Baheyya, The Sandmonkey and The Big Pharaoh. On the Iranian side, he talks about Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian emigrant to Canada, who published directions on how to make a blog in the Farsi....

Egypt: Al Hurra Exposure

24 August 2005

The exposure to US based Al Hurra channel and Radio Sawa increased in Egypt from 70% last year to 92% this year. Al Hurra received tremendous negative media coverage and skepticism upon its inauguration. The Big Pharaoh blog gives credit to Al Hurra's correspondent in Egypt, Tarek El Shami for...

Egypt: Democracy Game

20 August 2005

Mohamed of From Cairo, with love, thanks Condoleezza Rice for pushing for democracy that far in Egypt, which is appearing in President Mubarak's democracy game, and mutating into a presidential candidate, as he says.

Egypt: We're Watching You Movement

19 August 2005

The Arabist Network report the launched of a new movement in Egypt called Shayfeenkum-We're watching you. The movement will provide an avenue for citizens to report any human rights violations, electoral mishaps, and other problems to the media and Egyptian government ministries.

Sharm Relief

  17 August 2005

Following the devastating terrorist attacks in the Egyptian tourist hub of Sharm Elshiekh, Pray4Peace.org set up a fundraiser called Sharm Relief at SharmReleif.com.

Egypt: Update on Sinai Terrorist Attack

16 August 2005

The Sandmonkey update on Sinai Terrorist Attack and says that the international media is ignoring it for some strange reason. Claims of responsbility for Yesterdays Sinai Terrorist attack have been made by a group called the Mujahedeen of Egypt. It's worth noting that this is one of the three groups...

Egypt: New Explosion in Sinai?

15 August 2005

The Sandmonkey is getting a little bit confused. He says that according to News Filbalad (an Egyptian news website), the Multinational Force and Observers declared that no explosion took place at Sinai, and that there are no people injured or killed. That all that happened that a car driven by...

Egypt: Islamic video games

14 August 2005

The Sandmonkey writes that there seems to be a number of video-game developers who, in an attempt to counter the Christian video-game revolution, are developing Islamic video-games.

Egypt: Islam must change

14 August 2005

The Big Pharaoh says that Islam must change just as Christianity and Judaism changed. Religious reform cannot be separated from political reform. In fact, he consider it to be much more important.

Egypt: Homosexuality!

10 August 2005

From Cairo, with Love is comparing the treatment of homosexuality in the west and the Islamic countries.

Egypt: Blair is Right

7 August 2005

Egyptian Person is happy about Tony Blair's recent actions against immigrant extremists living in UK and hopes the rest of Europe to make similar actions.

Egypt: Get In

6 August 2005

Karim Elsahy is giving some ideas for those who would like to participate in fundraising for SharmRelief.com which support the victims and families of Sharm el-Shiekh bomb-hit.

Egypt: Sharm Bomb Experience

6 August 2005

Daoud Kuttab (a Palestinian Journalist) and his family, were spending their annual vacation at Sharm el-Sheikh the time it was bomb-hit last month (Sharm blast in pictures – BBC). Read the story as he lived it. The good news is that he enjoyed the trip. Good spirit!

Egypt: Zawahiri Hated

5 August 2005

Reacting to Al-Jazeera clips of Ayman al-Zawahiri yesterday, Abu Aardvark is asking: Why are so many conservative analysts so insistent on taking bin Laden's side in intra-Islamist debates?, and Sabbah is calling the ‘Prophet’ Al-Zawahri who Promises the Impossible, and asking him “go to hell.”

Egypt: No to Mubarak, the Father and the Son

4 August 2005

Manal and Alaa's bit bucket rounds up the last five day activities of Kefaya in five posts under the title of “No to Mubarak, the Father and the Son”, with photos and stories from the protests. Day one, day two, day three, day four and day five!

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