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Stories about Egypt from August, 2008

Egypt: Respecting Traffic Lights

  31 August 2008

What does people's attitudes towards crossing the road have to do with where their country stands in the world? Egyptian blogger Egyptian in the USA brings us the answer in this translation from Arabic.

Egypt: A protest for Turkish TV series Nour

  31 August 2008

Egyptian Blogger Zeinobia, wrote her reactions regarding the recent news stating that a group of high class Egyptian ladies led a protest all over Marina against the Imam of Marina’s mosque after his attack on the Turkish TV series “Nour”.

Egypt: Olympics Investigation

  30 August 2008

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has ordered an enquiry into why Egypt performed poorly in the Olympics, reports Tom Gara.

Egypt: Orange Ambulances

  30 August 2008

The Egyptian Health Ministry has introduced orange ambulances to replace their white ones. Zeinobia is not pleased.

Iraq: “Egyptians Recruited to Iraq”

  28 August 2008

“According to Egyptian website Al-Mesryoon, last two months there was a campaign in America to recruit Egyptians as interpreters in the American forces and to be sent to Iraq. The Americans offer Green Card to Egyptians who sign a contract to work for at least six months, and the recruiters...

MENA: Veiled Athletes in Beijing

  26 August 2008

Despite the Saudi Arabia's decision to ban Saudi women from taking part in the Olympics this year, Blogger Dilshad D. Ali writes about the emergence of hijab (veil) at the Beijing Olympics. Blogger Jana, also lists the 12 veiled Muslim athletes who competed this year in Beijing.

Arabeyes: The Olympics, Pride, Equality and Hope

  24 August 2008

Millions around the world were glued to their television screens watching their favourite athletes at this year's Beijing Olympics, which just closed. What did Arab bloggers have to say about the world's premier sporting event and their country teams? Following are a few reactions.

Egypt: Blogger Detained

  24 August 2008

Elijah Zarwan, from Egypt, draws our attention to yet another blogger detained. “Mohammed Refaat, a student and a blogger, was detained on July 21 on charges of ‘threatening public security’ by using the Internet to call for a strike on July 23… I took a quick look at Refaat’s blog...

Egypt: Parliamentary Fire Reactions

  21 August 2008

People's reactions here are really confusing ... ehm ... and amusing as well. Ok, believe it or not, but some people here were really happy that a fire has destroyed Egypt's iconic Parliamentary building.

Jordan: 100,000 Bloggers on Jeeran

  20 August 2008

Arabic blogging platform Jeeran [Ar] announced that there were 100,000 blogs affiliated to it. The post also claims that 70 per cent of Egyptian bloggers use Jeeran to blog.

Egypt: Parliament on Fire

  20 August 2008

Egyptian bloggers are in a daze, after the country's iconic Parliament Building, went up in flames earlier today. And while an official reason has yet to be announced for the cause of the fire in the 19th century palace, which houses the lower parliament or Shura (consultative) council, bloggers are seething - though not lost for words.

Egypt: Death of Three Arab Cultural Icons

  19 August 2008

The Arab world lost three of its cultural icons in the spam of a month. They are Egyptians philosopher Dr Abdelwahab El Mesery and film maker Yousef Chahine and Palestinian poet Mahmood Darwish. Egyptian Blogger, ElGharep, or The Stranger, reflects on the loss in this post [Ar].

North Africa: Bringing Home the Medals

  19 August 2008

In the run up to the 2008 Olympic Games, there was much speculation on how the Middle East and North Africa would fare. Although Turkey is the only Middle Eastern country to medal thus far (in athletics, weightlifting, and Greco-Roman wrestling), North Africa is enjoying great success. So far, Egypt's Hesham Mesbah and Algeria's Soraya Haddad and Amar Benikhlef have all medaled in Judo (bronze, bronze, and silver, respectively), Morocco's Hasna Benhassi took home a bronze in the women's 800m dash, and Tunisian swimmer Oussama Mellouli scored gold in the men's 1500m freestyle.

Egypt: A Letter to Obama

  17 August 2008

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia, writes about the letter jailed Egyptian politician Ayman Nour wrote from his prison to US presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Egypt: Farewell Twitter SMS

  17 August 2008

A few days ago, Egypt woke up to the sad news that Twitter is no longer delivering outbound SMS to few countries, including Egypt. Lasto Adri reviews the Egyptian blogosphere, which is already looking for alternatives, for reactions.

Egypt's first Septuplets

  17 August 2008

Egyptian Blogger Zeinobia, writes about an Egyptian woman, from Alexandria, who gave birth to seven babies – even though she claims she did not take any medicine.

Egypt: Shut Up and Rule

  17 August 2008

“I really wish that Ahmed Nazif ,our smart prime minister to shut his mouth and do his job as he should without attacking the people and provoke them with useless statements,” writes Egyptian blogger Zeinobia.

Egypt: Alone in New York?

  17 August 2008

Egyptian blogger Eman is leaving to New York, where she will pursue her higher studies. “Right now I’m in the middle of a whirl of emotions, however that is not something I’m bothered with… What bothers me is people’s reaction to the fact that I am traveling on my own,”...

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