· March, 2006

Stories about Egypt from March, 2006

Arabisc: Moderate Muslim Voices

  27 March 2006

It’s not only the English language bloggers from Middle East who are continuously trying to bridge the cultural gaps, but Arabic language bloggers are facing similar tough battle at home, within the Arabic blogsphere itself. Muslim moderates are criticizing some of the taboos of their system. One of them simply...

Egypt: The secret war

  23 March 2006

Free Soul asks: “Why can’t we simply accept each other and stop the biasing that blinds our eyes from the truth when we rush to “defend our religion” and on the way we do all possible mistakes and sins thinking we are doing a great job, I hear address my...

Egypt: Can you leave Islam?

  23 March 2006

The news about the trial of the Afghani Christian convert and the worldwide reaction to it pose an interesting dilemma to Muslims all around the world. Here's something to consider: Open up any Islamic Jurisprudence book, turn the page to the chapter discussing ‘Riddah’ (the Arabic word for converting from...

Egypt: First human death from the H5N1

  20 March 2006

Amal the poor Egyptian peasant from Kalyoubia was the first human victim in Egypt to be infected by H5N1 and die from the deadly virus , something that must put the whole country whether the people or the government in an alert state. This diseaster opens 1000 doors of chambers...

Egypt: I'm not going to be a Journalist

  7 March 2006

Zeinobia of Egyptian Chronicles had a dream of becoming a journalist. But here family didn't let her join the media college. They refused totally that she be a journalist because her grandfather who worked over 50 years in Journalism in Egypt and Arab World knew very well that It was...

The flags are burning

1 March 2006

Toman Bay wonders how the west only takes notice of what's happening here when flags start burning. And it occurred to me; as I have taken liberty with deleting words from dictionaries before, why not contribute positively and add an actual idiom. Hence, “The flags are burning”! He said.

Egypt's Modern Art Goes Online, But!

  1 March 2006

A beautiful online gallery for Egyptian modern and contemporay artists is built to serve as a window for Egypt's modern art that is usually overlooked due to the populatrity and fame of ancient Egypt, but little information is given about this business or who is running it, Freedom for Egyptians...

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