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Stories about Egypt from July, 2008

Syria: Forgotten Prisoners and Real Heros

  30 July 2008

An Egyptian prisoner is still being held in an Israeli jail, according to reports being posted by bloggers, in the aftermath of the Prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah. Razan Ghazzawi reflects on what the Syrian bloggers had to say about this and the exchange of prisoners in general.

Not Guilty: Egypt's Ferry Disaster

  30 July 2008

On February 3, 2006 Al-Salam ferry sank in the middle of the Red Sea killing more than 1,000 people who were coming to Safaga, Egypt from Saudi Arabia. The passengers were mainly Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia, who were returning home on vacation or who were bringing their savings home to retire in their homeland. The Egyptian criminal court has found the owner of a Red Sea ferry and four others not guilty of manslaughter. The families of the victims as well as Egyptian bloggers were shocked and angered.

Egypt: A Man's Views on Sexual Harassment in Egypt

  29 July 2008

In a series of posts tackling sexual harassment in Egypt, Marwa Rakha sheds light on a male Egyptian blogger's interpretation of what is really happening on the ground. "The Sex Files," by blogger Wael Nawara presents a rather interesting perspective on sexual harassment in Egypt.

Egypt Silences the Voice of Iran

  29 July 2008

Egyptian authorities shut down the Cairo office of an Iranian TV network over a film that justifies the killing of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat by Islamic militants. Marwa Rakha sums up the opinions of Egyptian blogger Dina Ayoub about the incident in this post.

Arabeyes: Mourning Youssef Chahine

  29 July 2008

Tributes are pouring in from bloggers from around the Middle East and North Africa, mourning the death of renowned Egyptian film maker Youssef Chahine. Born in Alexandria in 1926, Chahine has left behind a legacy, and millions of fans and followers across the region.

Egypt: Better Way to Die

  29 July 2008

“I will probably die of cancer. To be more exact metastatic cancer, which is when cancer spreads from one part of the body to every other part supplied by blood or lymphatics. Actually this would be a better way to die than a fatal crash or suicide,” writes Egyptian blogger...

Egypt: Activists released, then detained

  29 July 2008

“An Appeals Court in Alexandria has ordered the release of 14 activists from Shabab (youth) 6 April ,that was arrested on the 23rd of July,” reports Egyptian blog Fustat. Ibn Al Dunya further adds: “The prosecution appealed the order on the release, and then the appeals court refuted the prosecution´s...

Egypt: Radio 6 April Launched

  29 July 2008

Radio 6 April [ar] is a new blog launched by Egyptian activists to draw attention to their plight, activities and the arrests of activists. The site includes reports, interviews and podcasts.

Egypt: Facebook Activists Arrested

  28 July 2008

A number of Facebook activists have been arrested in Alexandria, Egypt, reports Elijah Zarwan, saying: “Amnesty International has released an urgent action on the arrest of Facebook activists gathered for a mild protest in Alexandria.”

Iran:”Assassination of a Pharaoh”

  26 July 2008

Several Iranian bloggers such as Einiproxy[Fa] reported that football (soccer) game between Iran-Egypt did not happen because of an Iranian documentary portraying in a positive light the assassin who killed former President, Anwar Sadat in 1979::”Assassination of a Pharaoh”.

Mourning A Sexually Harassed Egypt

  22 July 2008

Two-thirds of Egyptian men harass women showed a survey reported by Reuters. The survey of more than 2,000 Egyptian men and women and 109 foreign women said 62% of Egyptian men reported perpetrating harassment. 83% of Egyptian women reported having been sexually harassed. 98% of foreign women saying they had...

Egypt: Warming up to Iran

  19 July 2008

From Egypt, Bakri Hasan [Ar] says an improvement in Egyptian/Iranian relations could reap rewards for Egypt.

Egypt: Is Kuntar Worth it?

  18 July 2008

“Too many people are jovial about the return of Samir Al Kuntar, with even Nasrallah informing him that the 2006 war was for him. The question I would like to pose here, regardless of whether or not Kuntar is a child killer , is it worth it?” writes Sandmonkey, from...

Egypt: Interview with Marei

  15 July 2008

From Egypt, Ibn Al Dunya writes about an interview with Muhammed Marei, who was detained for 90 days – for working as an interpreter for American photojournalist James Buck.

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