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Stories about Egypt from September, 2007

Arabeyes: Meet Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

  28 September 2007

Egypt-based blogger Maryanne Stroud Gabbani started blogging in 2003 at the age of 54, after becoming frustrated with trying to answer people individually regarding how it was that she was so happy living in a place that the news said was so opposed to "western women". She figured that hopefully a blog would reach more people and give Egypt a human face and has never looked back since.

Egypt: Ramadan Musings

  28 September 2007

It's fair to say the month of Ramadan provides a unique experience for all parties involved, the fasting followed by excessive eating, the excessive eating followed by excessive partying and the scathing eye of everyone around you, writes D B Shobrawy, who brings us the latest from Egyptian blogs this week.

Egypt: Newspaper Strike on October 7

  28 September 2007

“Chief in editors of the independent and party newspapers decided to not to publish their newspapers on Sunday the 7th of October 2007 , the daily newspapers will not be published on that day and the weekly newspapers will not be published in their days as an objection move against...

Egypt: Beware of US Tapping

  28 September 2007

“Now that the U.S. is tapping domestic phone calls people need to watch what they say, not because they have anything to hide but because in the course of an innocent conversation you can draw a lot of unwanted attention,” cautions D B Shobrawy, from Egypt.

Syria: Sad State of Journalism

  28 September 2007

Sasa from Syria laments the sad state of journalism in the Arab world, citing examples from Jordan and Egypt in which journalists are jailed and fined.

Egypt: Bin Laden's Popularity

  28 September 2007

The Big Pharaoh from Egypt shines a light on the popularity of the Bin Laden lantern in his country — and possibility of the popularity of the man himself.

Egypt: Demonstration Planned on Thursday

  26 September 2007

A demonstration will be held in Cairo, Egypt, at 9pm on Friday in protest against the jailing of journalists and in solidarity with the workers on strike, reports Abna Masr (Ar). The demonstration has been called for by opposition movement Kifaya.

Egypt: Hunt-the-Editor Season!

  26 September 2007

It’s “hunt-the-editor” season! In two weeks 5 editors-in-chief and 3 journalists working for opposition newspapers have been arrested and sentenced to jail and/or a big fine, reports Hatshepsut from Egypt.

Egypt: Workers Strike

  24 September 2007

Hossam Al Hamalawy from Egypt is writing about a workers strike. “After the first day of the strike and sit-in, the picture inside the factory is really amazing. 10,000 people breaking the fast together in Tala’at Harb Sq, located inside the company compound. It’s a scene, which I find no...

Egypt: Arablish?

  20 September 2007

Blogger Arima from Egypt talks about Arablish in this hilarious post. Arablish is a “form of speech that mixes Arabic with English. It is widely used among Arab Western-educated elites.”

Egypt: Booby Julia

  20 September 2007

Egyptian blogger Mosfata Hussein introduces us to TV presenter Booby Julia. “As a blogger, a doctor and an Egyptian citizen. It is my duty to bring forward the latest socio-cultural phenomena happening in my environment. I would like to introduce to you BOOBY JULIA!” he explains.

Egypt: Save Us from Stupid Women

  18 September 2007

“Anything along the lines of “save the poor oppressed arab women” written by stupid women like this one just makes me puke. Yes we do have thousands of problems to struggle against but please don’t act like everything is perfect where you come from, and what’s with the disturbing generalisations?”...

Egypt: Crackdown on Journalists Not New

  18 September 2007

“Thursday’s sentencing and fining of four independent newspaper editors is not particularly new or surprising… (T)he two incidents do not herald an impending crackdown on the press, for the simple reason that Mubarak’s regime has been continuously cracking down on and intimidating independent journalists, from at least the early 1990s...

Egypt: The Fagnoon World

  17 September 2007

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani, who lives in Egypt, introduces us to the Fagnoon in this post. Fannan means artist in Arabic and Magnoon means crazy. Click on the link to enter the world of the Fagnoon!

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