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Stories about Egypt from October, 2005

Egypt: The Basilica Vigil

31 October 2005

Karim posted some photos of the ‘Basilica Vigil‘, which some described as “an experience of a lifetime.“

From the Egyptian blogs

30 October 2005

Some bloggers are angry over the news of the 14 years old kid who is facing death sentence in Saudi Arabia. Freedom for Egyptians and Ritzy are pointing that the kingdom ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child and that Sharia law does not impose capital punishments on...

Egypt: Threats Coptic Christians

28 October 2005

Ritzy wonders: “is this heated language going to improve the situation? Did not Pope Shenouda call for reason just a few days ago?”

Egypt: Egyptian Intelligence

27 October 2005

Did you know that this Year the Egyptian Intelligence is celebrating its 50th year anniversary? Zeinobia writes.

Egypt: The Religious Conflict

26 October 2005

Ibn Al-Aziz and Alaa made this site http://egyptnow.blogspot.com/ (Arabic) asking Egyptian bloggers to come together for forgiveness and to open healthy conservation to counter any negative effects of last week incidents.

Egypt: The Basilica Church Vigil

26 October 2005

Karim just announced that on Oct 30 at 6:30 there will be a short vigil in front of Basilica Church in Heliopolis, to display Egypt’s religious interconnection.

Egypt: Alexandira Play

  25 October 2005

Zeinobia wonders: “Sure this play will be a historical one, causing all this division in Egypt, putting the nation on unity. So does it really insult Islam that the church must apologize officially for its support and bless to its production or what?“ On the other hand, Egyptian Person says...

Egypt: Egyptian Monitors

  25 October 2005

Ritzy says that Egyptian Monitors for the parliamentary elections are allowed as long as they register with the government first. This way it will be easier for the government to round them up and arrest them after they rig this election as well.

Religious harmony severed in Egypt

  24 October 2005

The Egyptian blogosphere has been agitated by the events in Alexandria that shook the country. Four died (3 killed by riot poilce), tens wounded and 100 detained after 5000 angry Muslim protesters demonstrated against a play that the protesters considered offensive to Islam. Protesters demanded an official apology from the...

Egypt: Iftar for Prisons Freedom

  24 October 2005

Baheyya writes: “We, the mothers , wives, and children of detainees in all of Egypt’s prisons, have the pleasure of inviting you to a group iftar on Tuesday, 22 Ramadan, 25 October 2005 , in front of the Egyptian Interior Ministry. We invite you to join us in preparing for...

Egypt: Churches After Muslims Riots

24 October 2005

The Sandmonkey reports more churches that were attacked last week over deadly riots sparked by a play deemed offensive to Islam. egYptianist posted some photos of the riots. Ritzy tells us that Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Juma'ah says there is no CD/DVD that is offending Islam that has led to...

Egypt: Child's Education Right

  21 October 2005

Maryanne of Living in Egypt says that theoretically, all children under the age of about 16 are supposed to be attending school, but not all of them do. Some of the poorer children go to work at very early ages to help support their families. This isn't good for most...

Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh Wall

  19 October 2005

The Sandmonkey says that the Egyptian authorities are planning to erect a fence around Sharm El Sheikh to controll access to and from the resort.

Egyptian Parliamentary Elections

  18 October 2005

The parliamentary elections Egyptians face next month may very well be more substantial than the first Presidential one they encountered last month. Through these elections many hope to influence the stranglehold the National Democratic Party (NDP) has on both the upper and lower houses of parliament (upwards of 85%).

Egypt: Alexandria on Sectarian Fire

  17 October 2005

The Big Pharaoh says that around 3000 Muslim protesters surrounded a church in Alexandria to protest a church play that they deemed as “offensive to Islam.” Police cordoned off the building to protect it from the angry crowd.

Egypt: Bloggers Speaking out

12 October 2005

Ritzy says that journalists are like men: they raise you to the skies and then suddenly they take you down. Read her commentary on the recent article of Cairo Magazine, which was dedicated to describe part of the most active Egyptian blogsphere.

Egypt: Khufu

11 October 2005

Ritzy is excited about the news of sending a new robot in to the great pyramid of Khufu (a.k.a Cheops) to reveal what is behind the mystery shafts. She says, maybe there is a chance that there is another burial chamber. Maybe Khufu's mummy is still in the pyramid.

Egypt: Nobel Peace Prize

  7 October 2005

Karim like to emphasis that Mohamed ElBaradei is the fourth Egyptian to get Nobel prize. In fact, Mohamed ElBaradei (2005) joins Anwar Sadat (1978) as the second Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the fourth Egyptian prize recipient after Naguib Mahfouz (Literature 1988) and Ahmed H. Zewail (Chemistry 1999).

Egypt: Egyptians Third Happiest Population

5 October 2005

Ritzy Mabrouk says that in this report, Australia topped the chart with 46 percent of its population saying they were ‘‘very happy’’, followed by the US (40 percent), Egypt (36 percent) and India (34 percent). The UK and Canada shared the fifth spot, with 32 percent claiming to be very...

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