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Stories about Egypt from November, 2005

Egypt: Source of Dictatorship

29 November 2005

Egyptian Person says, it's certainly a negative thing to have a totalitarian regime that oppresses its people. It's even worse to have a society in which the people themselves oppress their fellow citizens if they choose to have opinions that contradicts to what the majority believes in. But it is...

Egypt: Sudanese Protest in Cairo

28 November 2005

Youssef and Chiara (Italian) took photos and wrote briefly about the protest by Sudanese migrants against the UNHCR in the middle of Cairo. Almost 500 to 1000 (thanks Youssef) protestors are living in a miserable state since September, protesting their state of limbo. They refuse the return to Sudan and...

Thuggery is the solution

25 November 2005

The second stage of Egpytian elections were marked by violence and wide spread irregularities. Officially one died during the first run of the elections and several wounded. But opposition newspapers claimed four died on that day. Few days later another man was killed and 21 were injured in election related...

Egypt: HIV+

22 November 2005

Mostafa says that probably people reading this already know that the moral stigma of HIV is getting more people infected. The ignoramuses fearing that people would be promiscuous because of sex ed, are helping no one. Arguments against teaching teenagers about sex, drugs and condoms are no longer justified.

Egypt: Abdolkarim, the Elections and the Muslim Brotherhood

18 November 2005

This week bloggers discussed Abdolkarim's release, the resuls of the the first stage of legislative elections and more. Abdolkarim After the release of Abdolkarim. Malek went to meet him personally and he wrote about his meeting (Arabic). Here is a quick translation of a part of the post: … He...

Egypt: Parlimentary Elections

17 November 2005

The Arabist sums up the results of the first of three rounds of parlimentary elections. 140 seats to the ruling NDP and independants who join the NDP shortly after their win. 34 seats to the Muslim brotherhood and a big defeat to the secular opposition which “apparently having neither the...

Egypt: RSF Award Manal and Alaa Blog

14 November 2005

Arabic Weblog “Manal and Alaa's Bit Bucket“ wins Special Award from Reporters Without Borders. Announcement comes early in light of United Nations World Summit on the Information Society.

Egypt: Syria like Egypt

14 November 2005

The Big Pharaoh quoting his mom on her return from a visit to Syria, she says: “Girls wearing tight jeans and tight tops were walking freely without getting verbally harassed on the street. That reminded me of Cairo back in the 60s when we used to wear whatever we want...

Abdolkarim released

  14 November 2005

The Egyptian blogger who was detained by secutiry forces on the 26th of October has been released. Previously covered on GVO here, here and here. Karim wrote about his own release. (Arabic) Sandmonkey wrote: In it he announced that he was released yesterday by the Police after spending 18 days...

Egyptian Parliamentary Elections

11 November 2005

Few, besides the ones that were already content with the Egyptian status quo or the Muslim Brotherhood, are happy with the outcome of yesterday’s elections. Big Pharaoh considers immigrating, an idea Sandmonkey reports that sentiment is being echoed in the country (except from one of his friends that concludes that “Islam is the solution”.)

Egypt: Parliamentary Elections

10 November 2005

The Big Pharaoh talking about Egyptian Parliamentary Elections of yesterday, he says: “Muslim Brotherhood managed to win unexpected seats yesterday in Cairo. They are not expected to take over the parliament, but in yesterday's “medium free” elections, the MB are expected to double if not triple their seats in parliament...

More information on Abdolkarim Suleiman's detention

  9 November 2005

Our friend Elijah Zarwan writes from Cairo, where he's involved with a number of human rights efforts. He recently travelled to Alexandria to meet with Mohammed Morsi and Malek Moustafa, Egyptian bloggers who've been working hard to document the arrest and detention of Abdolkarim Suleiman. Elijah, Mohammed, Malek and an...

Egypt: When will the circus end?

9 November 2005

Zeinobia is annoyed by the noise pollution created by some of the parliamentary election campaigns. Election started its first phase in Egypt today.

Egypt: Christian Egyptian exodus

8 November 2005

Nora Younes (arabic) writes on the initiation of a modern day Christian Egyptian exodus (Arabic) that Sandmonkey was nice enough to translate.

Egypt: Cartoons Causes Egypt-Denmark Crisis

5 November 2005

Ritzy says, Egypt is closing its dialogue with Denmark on Human Rights and discrimination because of a dispute over cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohamed that was published by a newspaper last month. The diplomatic snub comes after the Danish prime minister refused to meet Egypt’s ambassador, along with ten other...

Egypt: Coptic TV

5 November 2005

The Sandmonkey reports that Egypt's Christian Coptic minority is to launch its own satellite television this month, but even some Copts fear the church's patronage of the channel will fan sectarian strife.

Egypt: Government Denies the Play

5 November 2005

Samer Atallah wonders, until when will the government continue to hurt everyone by lying? He says, the government continues to treat Egyptians as stupid, brainless, and ignorant individuals who will believe everything that is told to them. The General Prosecutor was quoted claiming that the church did not produce a...

Egypt: Day of Love

4 November 2005

Mark the 4th of November in your calendar as The Egyptian Day of Love. Zeinobia reminds Egyptians that when the Journalist, Mustafa Amin, wrote the idea in Akhbar Newspaper he didn't mean it for the lovers but for all the people, men and women, adults and children to love each...

Justice for Abdolkarim

  4 November 2005

The events of the 21st of October did not end in complete peace. A new alarming, yet not directly related, development took place. This time shaking the Egyptian bloggosphere more strongly than ever, as it affected one of its own. For the first time an Egyptian blogger has been detained...

Eid Around the World

  3 November 2005

Today was the first day of Eid Al Fitr around most of the Muslim countries and communities around the world. According to the Hijri calendar, this day marks the end of Ramadan and breaking the fast, which is what the word Fitr means. However, while that is shared between all...

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