· September, 2012

Stories about Egypt from September, 2012

Egypt: Sex Education for Youth

  24 September 2012

Egyptian blogger Ahmed Awadalla argues in favour of empowering youth in post-revolution Egypt. He notes: Sex education can be a great tool to change deeply seated patriarchal values in our society.

Egypt: 1.5km Human Chain Protest Outside Nile University

  19 September 2012

@Kandily shares this photograph on Twitter, showing a human chain which he says [ar] measures 1.5km made up of students outside Nile University, which has been appropriated to the Zewail City for Science and Technology (ZCST), after the revolution. The students are protesting against the loss of their not-for-profit university.

World: Hilarious Muslims Rage on Twitter

  17 September 2012

Twitter was a happy place for Muslims today, who took turns to pour out their rage, 140 characters at a time. Some were even creative enough to share memes in response to Newsweek's latest cover story.

Arab World: Outrage Over Killing of US Ambassador in Benghazi

  12 September 2012

Arab netizens have condemned the cowardly attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last night. Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed when militants fired rockets at them as they were being driven to a safer location after protesters surrounded the consulate building.

Egypt: Teenager Confronts Militarization of Schools

  11 September 2012

As criticism of the military institution grows in Egypt, a young man takes a brave step to confront military interference in the education system. Ahmed Awadalla speaks to Ahmed Hassan, who has stood against the militarization of schools.

Egypt: Hero's Welcome for Paralympics Squad

  10 September 2012

On Twitter, Ahmed Morgan shares a photograph taken minutes ago from Cairo International Airport, where hundreds of people gathered to welcome home Egypt's squad from the London paralympics.

Egypt: Women on Hunger Strike for Syria

  10 September 2012

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia visits Syrian women activists on hunger strike in Cairo to draw attention to the plight of their people back home. She blogs her observations and interviews in two parts – here and here.

Egypt: NGO Trial Adjourned

  10 September 2012

On Storify, MaliciaRogue shares tweets on the trial of 43 foreign and Egyptian non-governmental organisation workers, accused of receiving funding from foreign sources and operating in Egypt without permission. The trial was adjourned until October 2, 2012.

Egypt: The Tweeting President

  7 September 2012

Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi has started officially tweeting from his existing account tonight. The account, which has 162k followers, was also verified by Twitter today. His first tweet reads: Want to dedicate 1st tweet to martyrs of #jan25 revolution and brave #syrians… Muhammed #Morsi It seems that Morsi would be...

UAE: Iranian Translators Distort Morsi's Speech

  1 September 2012

UAE-based journalist Hassan Hassan Storfies how Iranian translators distorted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi's speech, at the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Tehran, replacing Syria with Bahrain and Arab Spring with Islamic Awakening.

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