· August, 2012

Stories about Egypt from August, 2012

Egypt: Are Tomatoes Christian?

  30 August 2012

Are tomatoes Christian? Check out Angie Nassar's blog post on Now Lebanon Blog, where she comments on news that a Salafist group in Egypt has posted reservations on tomatoes on Facebook.

Egypt: Morsi’s Presidential Team

  28 August 2012

Yasser Ali, the spokesperson of the Egyptian presidency announced Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's presidential team. Zeinobia introduces us to the team – so did Julia Lugovska. It consists of 4 assistants and 17 consultants.

Egypt: Women on TV in Ramadan

  23 August 2012

Now that Ramadan is over, I can get it out of my mind and scream hard on how women were portrayed in the Egyptian TV throughout the whole month Eman Hashim writes in her blog.

Egypt: Disgust with Eid Harassment Photos

  22 August 2012

Blogging Egypt shares her views on what she thinks of the Eid harassment photographs: it DISGUSTS me that whoever caught these images on camera – of women being harassed, boys grabbing women's behinds, etc – did not bother to blur the victims’ faces before spreading the images across the internet.

Egypt: Decoding Morsi's Ousting of the Generals

  18 August 2012

Mohammed Morsi's recent decisions to terminate the jobs of Mohamed Hussein Tantawi as Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and Sami Anan as the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces created mixed reactions. The president also issued a new Constitutional Declaration that give him constitutional power. Morsi was first perceived as weak and torn between the Muslim Brotherhood and the SCAF but the latest decisions have asserted his position and enabled him to rebrand himself.

Video: What Egypt, Congo, Uganda and Colombia Have in Common

  15 August 2012

The search for justice in the wake of conflict is what Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Colombia have in common. The Case for Justice is a series of videos debating on the relevance of what is known as transitional justice, a set of systems that is put into place to allow for accountability in the wake of massive human rights violations.

Egypt: Essential Academic History Book Banned

  15 August 2012

The Egyptian authorities have banned the import of A History of the Modern Middle East by eminent academics William L Cleveland and Martin Bunton without giving reasons for the ban. On Twitter, @Milllyz reacts: “Now that they have banned William L. Cleveland's “A History of the Modern Middle East”, all...

#DearEgyptAir, Better Service Please

  15 August 2012

Over the past few years it has become apparent that, if one has a loud enough voice and a big enough audience—not to mention a good sense of humor—social media can serve as a great platform for change. On Wednesday, Egyptians took to Twitter to complain—and joke—about national airline Egypt Air.

Egypt: The President's Son Fails Admission Test

  12 August 2012

The GUC Insider is the independent student-led media outlet of the German University in Cairo (GUC). In a short article [ar], it announces that the son of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has failed one of the admission tests and will not be accepted as a regular student in this...

Egypt: Cairo Blackout

  9 August 2012

Egyptians woke up today [August 9, 2012] to a Cairo without electricity. The city's metro and the Egyptian Stock Exchange stopped functioning. Netizens took to their keyboards to complain.

Egypt: “Not all the People of Sinai are Terrorists”

  8 August 2012

Sinai is making the headlines today after the Egyptian Army waged a war on militants accused of being behind a deadly attack on the Egyptian-Israeli border, in which up to 16 Egyptian officers and soldiers were killed over the weekend. From North Sinai, Ahmed Elghoul is using Twitter to tell us more about the region and its people; the discrimination they face and the lack of security in the area.

Egypt: Social Justice for All

  8 August 2012

The Egyptian non-profit media collective Mosireen [en, ar] is “born out of the explosion of citizen journalism and cultural activism in Egypt during the revolution”. The group of filmmakers and citizen journalists collects footage and video testimonies from protests in Egypt. Their YouTube channel was the most viewed non-profit channel...

Jordan: “When Monaliza Smiled” a step towards World Cinema

  8 August 2012

The makers of the movie “When Monaliza Smiled” presented their cinema experience to the public in a special screening in the Jordanian capital, Amman, recently. The comedy relates a love story between Monaliza, a young Jordanian woman, and Hamdi, the Egyptian courier. Jordanian bloggers react to the movie.

Egypt: Morsi's Wrong Colour Tie

  7 August 2012

Zeinonia, at Egyptian Chronicles, picks on the choice of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi's tie and smile, as he mourned Egyptian officers and soldiers killed in Sinai.

Egypt: Ahmed Shafik Denies UAE Appointment on Twitter

  7 August 2012

Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik has resorted to Twitter to react to what he described as "rumours" about his appointment as an adviser to the President of the United Arab Emirates. Many netizens tweeted and retweeted a news story announcing Shafik's appointment. Shafik, who was former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's last Prime Minister, is also a former candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

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