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Stories about Egypt from April, 2012

Egypt: Should the Grand Mufti Have Gone to Jerusalem?

  21 April 2012

On April 18 Ali Gomaa, the Egyptian grand mufti and one of the highest religious authorities in the Islamic world, visited Jerusalem for the first time. The visit is controversial since it is seen by many as a step towards normalised relations with Israel.

Egypt: “Blog About Nubia” Day

  19 April 2012

In an attempt to highlight the situation of the Nubian community in Egypt and to challenge stereotypes about them, a day of blogging and tweeting about their cause took place on April 18.

Egypt: Country's First Research University At Risk

  18 April 2012

Since last year the fate of Nile University, Egypt's first research university, has been uncertain. Its purpose-built campus has been “conceded” to the Zewail City of Science and Technology, an initiative of Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Ahmed Zewail, and netizens are fighting to save it.

Egypt: The Other Homeland

  18 April 2012

Al Jazeera World broadcasts a small film entitled “Egypt:The Other Homeland”, narrating the history of the once thriving Greek community in Egypt through personal interviews and archive material. At the beginning of the 20th century,there were about 200,000 Greeks in Egypt. Today, the Greek community there has approximately 1,000 members.

Arab World: Technology in the Time of Revolution

  17 April 2012

The Arab uprisings have created a debate about the role played by social media and mobile technology in bringing change. Whatever conclusion you come to on that subject, activists certainly make use of a wide range of new technologies, and Tarek Amr takes a look at some of them in this post.

Egypt: The Fall, Rise and Fall of Omar Suleiman

  15 April 2012

On April 6 Omar Suleiman, Egypt's former vice president and intelligence chief, announced his candidacy for president. On April 13, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square to protest. Then, in a surprising turn of events, on April 14 it was announced that Suleiman was one of ten candidates barred from standing in the elections.

Egypt: The Drama of the Presidential Race

  15 April 2012

It's hard to predict the results of the presidential elections in Egypt, due to the dramatic events taking place every day. This post tries to shed light on the political situation, and the status of the major candidates so far.

Egypt: Advocating for Residents of Informal Neighbourhoods

  12 April 2012

Architect and researcher Omnia Khalil, has published this presentation as a part of Egyptian urban action [Ar], an exhibition and workshop scheduled for 4 July, 2012. It concerns advocating for the residents of informal neighbourhoods and highlights urban deterioration, forced evacuation and urban challenges in Egypt. In this video [Ar]...

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood versus SCAF – the Fall of the Masks?

  5 April 2012

“A million men march to demand the fall of Ganzouri's cabinet” read the official newspaper of the Freedom and Justice Party after events that have left the Egyptian population baffled. How did the close relationship between Egypt's military council and the nearly controlling political majority lead to a “bad breakup”?

Egypt: Your ID, Your Rights Targets Women

  2 April 2012

As many as 4 million Egyptian woman don't have ID cards, and as such cannot benefit from legal, social and economic services and rights. "Your ID, Your Rights" is a campaign which aims to cover 2 million women, providing them with ID cards, as well as create awareness online about the situation of such women and the importance of gender equality.

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