· February, 2008

Stories about Egypt from February, 2008

Exchange Student ‘Starved’ in Egypt

  28 February 2008

Elijah Zarwan, from Egypt, discusses a wire story about a 17-year-old American exchange student who was allegedly ‘starved’ after being paired with a Christian Coptic family, which fasts for 200 days a year.

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood Trial Postponed

  27 February 2008

“The verdict in the military trial of 40 leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood has been postponed until March 25, according to friends who went out to Haikstep Military Base today in the hope of being the first to hear,” writes Elijah Zarwan, from Egypt.

Saudi Arabia: Cairo Visit

  24 February 2008

Saudi Jeans attended a two-day Human Rights conference in Cairo, Egypt, and shares his impressions of the country and event in this post.

Egypt: Free Khaled Hamza

  24 February 2008

From Egypt, Hossam Al Hamalawy draws our attention to the arrest of fellow blogger Khaled Hamza. Global Voices Online previously reported the arrest here.

Egypt: Informer Kills Officer

  23 February 2008

“A police informer entrapped and shot dead an officer, after the pig tortured and sodomized him just like what happened with Emad Kabeer…,” writes Hossam Al Hamalawy from Egypt.

Egypt: Monopoly on Backwardness

  22 February 2008

Elijah Zarwan, from Egypt, links to a story of an Israeli MP blaming the recent earthquake on gays and comments: “Lest anyone think that we in the Muslim world have a monopoly on backwardness and comical fundamentalism.”

Egypt: 150 Muslim Brotherhood Members in the Dock

  22 February 2008

Security forces arrested at least 70 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in predawn raids around the country this morning, bringing the total number of members arrested in the past week to at least 150, writes Elijah Zarwan, from Egypt.

Ikhwanweb founder and Editor-in-Chief arrested

  21 February 2008

Khaled Hamza, Ikhwanweb (Muslim Brotherhood's official English website) founder and Editor-in-Chief was arrested in Cairo yesterday by Egyptian police. Khaled was coordinating the Brotherhood's blogging campaign and has been inspirational for many young Muslim Brothers activists.

Jordan: Wikipedia and Prophet Muhammad

  21 February 2008

Another storm is brewing in the Arab world regarding the depiction of Prophet Muhammed in drawings after Wikipedia refused the demands of more than 180,000 people who called for the illustrations to be removed. Here's the latest buzz from the Middle East.

Egypt: Three Years Blogging

  21 February 2008

Egyptian Tarek Amr commemorates his third year as a blogger was an amazing insight into the Egyptian blogosphere and his own journey blogging.

Egypt: Dov'è L'Amore

  17 February 2008

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day, and for sure Egyptian bloggers couldn't miss such opportunity without writing about it, or even dedicating a special recipe of a Chocolate Pie for this occasion and calling it "The meal of Love". Tarek Amr has more.

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