· October, 2007

Stories about Egypt from October, 2007

Egypt: Free Women

  30 October 2007

Egypt Guy from Egypt posts this video by Egyptian Ahmed Sharif which calls for the freedom of women from religious associations.

Egypt: Roukana Hamour's Plight

  30 October 2007

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia sheds light on the plight of Syrian blogger Roukana Hamour, who is being harassed by authorities.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood

  29 October 2007

Tarek Amr shares with us the thoughts of an Egyptian blogger (Ar) about Islamic political parties in this post, which sheds light on the Muslim Brotherhood, its ideologies and impact on Egypt.

Egypt: Favourite Blogger Day

  26 October 2007

Egyptian blogger Arima spreads Rebellious Arab Girl‘s suggestion: “On Saturday, the 27th of October, I am starting the official “Blog about your favorite blogger” day. On this day, each blogger should dedicate a post on who their favorite blogger is and why. This way, more people will know about your...

Egypt: Iraqi Prostitutes in Syria

  25 October 2007

Egyptian blogger Hatshepsut links to an article which discusses the plight of Iraqi refugee women in Syria, who have turned to prostitution to support their families and children.

Egypt: On Kushari

  25 October 2007

Rebecca, who blogs from Egypt, introduces us to Kushari, a local dish. “It’s a mixture of rice and pasta, and a small amount of lentils and chickpeas, and some dried onion and tomato hot sauce,” she explains.

Egypt: Red Card for Professionals

  24 October 2007

Egyptian Mostafa Hussein discusses the Red Card – available to professionals in his country. “In Egypt, we already have a system called the ‘Red card’ for expelling highly skilled professionals. Ensuring that the country will keep the finest of its minds away,” he notes.

Tunisia: Solidarity Visit Blocked

  24 October 2007

Mohammed Abbou, the legendary dissident who sewed his own mouth shut in jail to protest censorship, is once again harassed by the Tunisian authorities, who have banned him from travelling to Egypt to attend the trial of Egyptian editor Ibrahim Issa, reports ..Or Does it Explode?

Egypt: New Age of Phone Greetings

  18 October 2007

With Eid finally wrapped up and out of the way, Egyptian blogger Tarek Amr (Ar) takes time off to study the history of greetings - from the age of problematic phone calls to the new age of Third Generation multi-media wireless phones.

Egypt: Water Hyacinth

  17 October 2007

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani, from Egypt, writes a post on water hyacinth, which clog up canal, removes heavy metal from water and is food for goats.

Egypt: MB Bars Women from Becoming President

  17 October 2007

“The MB (Muslim Brotherhood) has for the first time laid what they called their political platform. The platform would bar Christians and women from becoming president,” writes the Big Pharaoh from Egypt.

Egypt: Additive and Subtractive Thinking

  15 October 2007

Additive and subtractive thinking is the topic of today's translation from Arabic by Tarek Amr. Do we pick and choose the values we like from ideologies or do we simply 'subtract' them from our consciousness because there are aspects in them we don't agree with?

Egypt: Wikimania 2008 | Alexandria

  13 October 2007

Mido, the lead coordinator for wikimania 2008 and a constant contributer in Arabic Wikipedia, wrote: “After months of preparation, Alexandria was finally chosen as the winning bid for the Wikimedia Foundation’s fourth annual international conference, Wikimania 2008. Chosen by the Wikimania jury as the winner over two other exceptional bids,...

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