· December, 2006

Stories about Egypt from December, 2006

Egypt: Just in Time for Christmas

  25 December 2006

“Egypt, where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus fled seeking shelter. But the Christmas spirit has apparently not returned, at least not to the Qalubia governor who just attempted to shut down a local NGO for reporting on poor civic conditions,” Or Does it Explode reports.

Arabisc: Moroccan Authorities Lack Humour, says Blogger

  21 December 2006

In Morocco, a newspaper is being sued for publishing an article on jokes which Moroccans enjoy. Blogger Hjiouij thinks its not discussing religious issues that the authorities object to in print but rather any attempt to ridicule Moroccan King Mohammed the Fifth. قبل دقائق خمس أعلنت التلفزة الرسمية أن الوزير...

A First Round-Up of the Sudanese Blogosphere

  16 December 2006

Today in the Sudanese blogosphere, we notice a variety of opinions on different topics. Black Kush from South Sudan has 2 posts entitled “How Egypt is woeing South Sudan” where you’ll find an interesting exchange between him and an Egyptian. It was no surprise when the news came out that...

Egypt: Suiciders on the street

11 December 2006

“You're a street vendor in Cairo. You're 23 years old, unemployed, and selling merchandise such as clothes and fruits is the only way for you to survive. You can't afford to have your own shop and you don't have a place to display your goods. So what do you do?...

Arabisc: An Arab in Toronto and Arabs and Civilisation

  11 December 2006

Emirati blogger Osama is in North America..a place he never imagined he would ever travel to as long as George W Bush is the president of the US. لم أتخيل أبدا أنني سأنال الفرصة لزيارة القارة الأمريكية أبدا، فقبل عدة سنوات عندما كنت أدرس في الخارج قمت باستخراج تأشيرة خاصة...

Egypt: Bloggers open the door to police brutality debate

  9 December 2006

‘Extraordinary rendition’ has passed into common parlance over the last year as human rights organisations have accused the US government of exporting suspects to be tortured in regimes like Egypt, Morocco and Syria. But while cases involving international suspects get the headlines, these countries are regularly cited by human rights...

Arabisc: Imprisoned Egyptian Blogger Lost in Legal Wrangle!

  9 December 2006

In my last post, I translated excrepts from a post written by Egyptian blogger Abdulkareem Sulaiman, who is being held in custody for articles he wrote online, describing the unhealthy conditions he is being forced to adapt to behind bars. Well, his saga seems to continue, in a legal tangle...

Arabisc: Prison Adventures and a Yemeni Cure for Aids!

  7 December 2006

Remember Egyptian blogger Abdul Kareem Nabeel Sulieman? Well, he is still being detained and investigated on five charges, which include incitement to hate Islam, spreading malicious rumours that disrupt public security and defaming the Egyptian President. From prison, Kareem smuggles notes for his friends to blog and tell the world...

Egypt: Forbidden games

  6 December 2006

As though the Middle East needs more violence; a video game where the player controls a suicide bomber in a crowded street has gone on display in Israel. Among the other games was a Syrian-made game showing Palestinian gunmen shooting at IDF soldiers, and plotting to kidnap Bush. Some of...

Arabisc: Asian Games, Democracy and Models

  4 December 2006

Why was there no celebration of the Arab heritage in the opening of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, and what is the relationship between democracy and models and why is an Egyptian blogger asking his readers to watch award-winning movie Good Night and Good Luck? These are some of...

Egypt: Miss Earth

  4 December 2006

Freedom for Egyptians reports that Miss Egypt Meriam George was selected among the top 8 in Miss Earth pageant, held recently in Manila. Meriam was competing with another 84 contestants from all over the world. The Miss Earth contest promotes environmental preservation and contestants are called “beauties for a cause.”

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