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Stories about Egypt from December, 2007

Egypt: Murad and the Freedom of Speech

  31 December 2007

Judge Murad lost his case and the court ruled in favour of freedom of speech. The Administrative Judicial Court issued a sentence in Case No. 15575 / 61, which was brought by Judge Abdul Fattah Murad calling for banning the 51 websites on the Internet in Egypt. You can read...

Trinidad & Tobago: Trip to Cairo

  30 December 2007

“I spent most of my first day swearing never to return, but I’ve been won over. I’ll be back.”: Club Soda and Salt visits Cairo, Egypt and finds a few similarities to his native Trinidad and Tobago.

Egypt: Bidding Farewell to Bhutto

  29 December 2007

Egyptian bloggers couldn't stop themselves from writing about the assassination of one of the bravest women in the Muslim world, and may be the whole world. Carmen – Diasporic Discontents – wrote about her own experience when she met Bhutto [En]. I met Benazir Bhutto when I was in grad...

Egypt: Rama Yade

  25 December 2007

Rama Yade, France's Secretary of State, has inspired Egyptian blogger Eastern Bird to write the following post, which Tarek Amr translates from Arabic.

Egypt: Sunni-Shia Dream

  20 December 2007

The sectarian rift between the Islamic Sunni and Shia sects is haunting Egyptian blogger D B Shobrawy‘s dreams. Read about that here.

Egypt: Lesbian Film

  18 December 2007

“(A) new Egyptian film by the director Khaled Yousef has a Lesbian character in it. There is even rumor of a kiss…” writes Amal, from Palestine. “Before anyone gets too excited about the new age of liberalism in Egyptian cinema, the leaks indicate that the lesbian character is an evil...

Egypt: On the US Presidential Race

  18 December 2007

“The American presidential race for year 2008 is like no other seriously , till now each of the two parties has not chosen yet its final candidates so we are watching a huge war between all of them,” writes Egyptian blogger Zeinobia, who gives us her analysis of the presidential...

Bahrain: Human Rights Activists Faces Trial

  13 December 2007

A Bahraini human rights activist is being prosecuted in Bahrain for illegally setting up a society, reports the Free Kareem website. Mohammed Al Maskati is a supporter of jailed Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabeel Sulaiman.

UAE: 15 Years for Child Rapists

  13 December 2007

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia reports that two UAE citizens were sentenced to 15 years each for raping a French boy. Global Voices Online had earlier reported blogger's reactions to the case here.

Protest From Egypts Civil Servants

  6 December 2007

Members of the Real Estate Tax Authority and thousands of Egypts tax collectors are gathered in Cairo this week to protest their wages and to demand a transfer of their positions to the Finance Ministry. Baheyya has more As with the second Mahalla strike in Ramadan, hundreds of women civil...

Egypt: YouTube Restores Account .. But

  6 December 2007

Egyptian blogger and human right's activist Wael Abbas‘s YouTube and Yahoo accounts are back after being suspended for posting videos showing victims being allegedly tortured by Egyptian police. Click the link to see why Wael isn't over the moon.

Egypt: GV Podcast Wins Praise

  5 December 2007

Global Voices Online‘s podcast with Egyptian blogger Wa7da Masrya won the praise of bloggers. Ibn Al Dunya from Egypt and the Free Kareem campaign site mention it in their posts.

Egypt: The Story of the Flying Mouse

  5 December 2007

We all used to watch cartoons when we were children. In fact, many of us still like watching cartoon movies. And sometimes some of those movies stay there in our minds for a while and affect our lives. Captain L.J.Silver wrote here about a movie he watched 15 years ago, and still can't forget. Tarek Amr translates from Arabic.

Egypt: Little Children Suffer

  5 December 2007

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani, who lives in Egypt, draws our attention to the plight of children with a school curriculum which doesn't meet their needs in this telling post.

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