· December, 2009

Stories about Iran from December, 2009

China: Tweeting in support of Iran

  28 December 2009

Twenty-four hours later and #CN4Iran remains in heavy constant use by Chinese Twitter users speaking out in support of protests now underway across Iran. The #CN4Iran hashtag has since been joined by a @CN4Iran Twitter account and a central blog. Related is this post with a similar story from 2007.

China and Iran: #CN4Iran

  28 December 2009

Yesterday, thousands of Iranians took to the street to protest against dictatorship. The protest reminded Chinese people of the Tiananmen democracy movement back in 1989 and Chinese twitterers are using hashtag #cn4iran to show solidarity with Iranian fellows.

Iran: When Rage Overcomes Fear

  27 December 2009

Iranian protesters poured into Tehran and several major cities in defiance of the Iranian government on Sunday, as large crowds gathered for Ashura, a major religious observance.

Iran:Hope in the Mourning Month

  24 December 2009

Ankaboute Gouya, an Iranian blogger, writes [fa] that Iranian people have high hopes to change regime and it is first time in Muharram, the mourning month, that people make Islamic leaders to cry!

Israel: Assessing Iran's Nuclear Capabilities & Intents

  23 December 2009

Amir Mizroch reacts to news about Iranian uranium enrichment: “They don’t need nuclear power for civilian energy (Iran holds the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves and the world’s second-largest natural gas reserves), they want the bomb, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.”

Iran: People chanted “God is Great” on rooftops

  6 December 2009

Several Iranian bloggers including Web Neveshteha reported [fa] that people chanted Allaho Akbar (God is Great) on their rooftops tonight in Tehran and several other cities as protesters are preparing for another anti government demonstration tomorrow (7th of December). Listen to their voice here.

Iran: Internet access down pre-protests

  6 December 2009

Several bloggers and sites in Iran reported one day before another mass protest against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, internet access in Iran is largely down. Haghemoslamema, an Iranian blogger, says [fa] this is a good opportunity to leave our computers at home and go chanting against regime in the streets.

Iran: Fariba Pajooh, a blogger in prison

  5 December 2009

Fariba Pajooh, an Iranian blogger and journalist, has been in prison for more than 100 days. According to [fa] Ghomar Asheghaneh, an Iran based blogger, her parents do not know what to do and her father is in a bad physical condition.[Update: She was released on 23th of Decmeber 2009].

Iran: International Solidarity Builds Momentum

  5 December 2009

Hadi Ghaemi, a leading human rights activist, writes in Huffingtonpost: “Much of the international public and media consider mass protests in Iran to have ended, because images of hundreds of thousands of demonstrators no longer appear on TV screens… But the protest movement is alive and continues to challenge the...

Young Leaders from Sweden and Middle East in Dialogue

  3 December 2009

Last month, the Swedish Institute in Paris hosted a meeting of 26 young people from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Sweden to improve dialogue between opinion leaders in Sweden, the Middle East and North Africa. Global Voices in French was there.