· October, 2007

Stories about Iran from October, 2007

Iran:Student Protest

  30 October 2007

According to[Fa] Salam Democrat blog, students demonstrated today in Alameh University in Tehran.The students asked that jailed students get freed.The blogger says seven other students were arrested today.

Iran:150 Dolphins died in one month

  27 October 2007

Mojgan Jamshidi,pro environment blogger and journalist, says[Fa] that about 150 dolphins died in the south of Iran during last month.The blogger adds the reasons of their death have not been announced but we can guess one main reason is the very polluted water.Watch the photos here.

Iran:”Nuclear Bomb and Blackmail”

  26 October 2007

View from Iran shares her Iranian friend's opinon on Iranian nuclear crisis. This friend,Reza, says :“It’s not that I think that Iran will actually use a bomb.I think they’ll just use it as blackmail.” He goes on to tell me that anyone who thinks that the current government of Iran...

Iran:Letter to Yahoo

  26 October 2007

Kourosh Ziabari has written a letter to Yahoo:”Yahoo mail has recently removed “Iran” from the list of world countries in its signup page!We, therefore, ask Yahoo! to add Iran to the mentioned list again.”

Iran:First step towards USA-Iran war

  26 October 2007

Hassan Agha says[Fa] that USA started to impose sanctions against Iranian Revolutionary Guards and considers it as a terrorist group.The blogger writes it is the first step towards a USA-Iran war.

Iran:International Book Exposition

  25 October 2007

Ghomar Asheganheh informs[Fa] us that this week for the fifth time an “International Book Exposition” will be organised in Tabriz,in north western Iran, where 1000 publishers from all over the world will be present.

Iran:Bookstores in trouble

  25 October 2007

Iranian government clamps down on bookstores’ coffee shops.Kaghz Pareh says[Fa] that he does not understand the reasons of government's decision in a country where not many people read books.

Iran: Power Struggle over Nuclear Crisis

  24 October 2007

The resignation on Saturday of Ali Larijani, the top Iranian nuclear negotiator, has led to speculation about the reasons for his decision, and how it will affect the nuclear crisis. About 200 members of Parliament protested against replacing Ali Larijani with Said Jalili, a close ally of President Ahmadinejad. Iranian...

Armenia: Iranian President Cuts Short Visit

  23 October 2007

Oneworld Multimedia reports that the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has cut short an official two-day visit to Armenia for “unspecified reasons.” However, his unexpected return to Tehran comes as the BBC reports that over 180 Iranian MPs have signed a letter “praising” Ali Larijani, Iran's Chief Nuclear Negotiator, whose resignation...

Iran:Iranian lovers in trouble in 8 photos

  22 October 2007

Husband shows in 8 photos how two Iranian lovers were controled by a security agent and got into trouble.The agent checked their identity cards and found out they are not in the same family!

Iran:Showdown with Iran

  22 October 2007

Thanks to Parsarts,we read “on October 23rd, PBS will begin airing a Frontline examination of U.S.-Iranian relations, ominously called Showdown With Iran.”

Iran:Medical Student Commits Suicide after being Arrested

  21 October 2007

Kamangir reports that Zahra Bani Amer ,a twenty-seven-year-old medical student, committed suicide in a prison in Hamedan Province, after she was arrested by the Sharia Police.Zahra was arrested two days before because of “questions about marital status”. At the time she was accompanied by a boy.

Iran:Save Oceans

  20 October 2007

Three speakers spoke about saving oceans in Pop!Tech conference.Paris Marashi,Iranian-American blogger says that Claire Nouvian, a filmmaker, journalist, explains how deep sea creatures are a mystery to many, and the major threats that occur as a result of deep sea mining, dumping, and trawling.

Iran:”Dangerous Resignation of Ali Larijani”

  20 October 2007

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi,former vice president, writes in Webneveshteha that “the news that resignation of Mr. Ali Larijani, Secretary of the [National] Security Council, was accepted, is one of the most important events in the present situation of the country…Larijani had to prepare himself for the negotiation while the president had...

Iran:Global Warming and our brains

  19 October 2007

Paris Marashi,Iranian-American blogger says today in Pop!Tech conference, Dan Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, spoke about risk, specifically our ability to deal with the risk of global warming given the nature of our brains.

Iran:Protect Environment

  19 October 2007

Small Candle reminds[Fa] that there are no signs of (Persian) Lions in Khuzestan province and (Persian) Tigers in Mazandaran in Iran.The blogger asks us to become more responsible people regarding animals and environment.

Iran:Paris Marashi writes about Pop!Tech

  19 October 2007

Paris Marashi,Iranian-American vlogger/blogger,has been invited to Pop!Tech conference.She writes:”On Wednesday, a series of sessions were hosted with topics ranging from Slow Food, Mobile Empowerment, The oceans, and Islam. Mobile Empowerment: Dialing Social Change was a Wednesday session with EPROM, Mobile Active, and Nokia.”