· November, 2005

Stories about Iran from November, 2005

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  30 November 2005

This week was fairly quiet in the Kurdish Blogosphere compared to week's past. Many Kurds have been focused on the upcoming/ongoing trial of Saddam Hussein. One such blogger, Kurdo from Kurdo's World remarked that after watching the first day of the trial that it was unfair…to Saddam's victims. He gave...

Iran: Against Aids

30 November 2005

Fanous, a collective blogger, on Thursday different Iranian associations will gather in front of Shahr Theatre to encourage people to fight against Aids and to protect HIV's people rights. (Link in Persian)

Iranian Blogs: Unrest in University, Ahmadinejad in UN

29 November 2005

Government chose a cleric and university Professor, Ayatollah Amid Zanjani, as chancellor of Tehran University. There are many questions and concerns about his education and conservative political background. Fanous ( Link in Persian), a collective blog, writes that Mr.Amid Zanjani has no university degree and government imposed his choice on...

Iran: BBC & a Mistake ?

28 November 2005

Hanif Mazroi, a former jailed journalist & active blogger, says BBC made a mistake to say that new director , a cleric, of University of Tehran has no university degree. According to Mazroi he got his PhD in same university. (Link in Persian)


  27 November 2005

(November 27 14:30 Brussels Time):According to BBC Several dead in south Iran quake :A powerful earthquake has hit southern Iran, damaging several villages and killing at least five people and injuring dozens more, officials say. The 5.9-magnitude quake struck Qeshm island, home to 120,000 people, and the city of Bandar...

Iran: Church & Blog

27 November 2005

Iranian Church in Brussels is, probably, first Iranian church which started using blog to communicate with members & non members. (Link in Persian)

Iran: Women & Violence

26 November 2005

Feminist Iranian Tribute says Non violence day against women was a failure in Iran. A conference was organised by goverment and “specialists” asked women to tolerate violence. Link in Persian

Iran: Blogger Escaped Iran

26 November 2005

Shahram Kholdi writes in his blog that Seraji, a blogger who had been jailed for his political opinion, escaped Iran to Turkey illegally, as he did not possess any valid passport.

Iran: Interview with Leos Carax

24 November 2005

New Wave, Iranian blogger, has published blogger's interview with famous French movie director, Leos Carax. (Link in Persian)

Iran: Save Pasargad

24 November 2005

Baily & Me, an blogger based in Denmark, urges Iranian and people around the world to get mobilized to save Pasargad Plains, an archaeological site, which will be gone under water because of a dam construction. Please Read More on Global Voices

Iran: Non Moslems are Animals!

23 November 2005

Sharam Kholdi reports that according Shargh newspaper, Ayatholah Janati, Guardian Council's secretary, said “Humans who follow anything but Islam are the same as those animals who wander about and graze on the earth and commit corruption.”

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  23 November 2005

Iraqi Election Madness! As Iraq prepares for the December 15th parlimentary elections, the Kurdish bloggers are preparing as well. Vahal Abdulrahman from Dear Baghdad announced the formation of a new blog devoted strictly to the new elections, it is aptly named The Iraqi Vote. Vahal gives us details on the...

Iranian Blogs: WSIS & Human Rights

22 November 2005

Shirin Ebadi, Noble Laureate, was one of speakers in World Summit for Information & Society in Tunisia. According to Ravi(Link in Persian), Mrs. Ebadi spoke about censorship, jailed bloggers and filtering. She mentioned that Governmental NGOs are send to conferences to present false reports. She added unfortunately in some countries...

Iran: A Winner Blog

21 November 2005

Zannevesht, a blog written by Mrs. Parastoo Dokoohaki, was chosen as the best Iranian blog by the jury for Deutsche Welle weblog awards.

Iran:uranium enrichment

21 November 2005

Alpar asks questions about uranium enrichment which has caused too many problems for country. Alpar asks which one is important uranium enrichment or cultural enrichment or people's life enrichment? What Iranian people think about uranium enrichment? Link in Persian

Iran: Media under Pressure

20 November 2005

Omid Memarian, an Iran based blogger & journalist, writes ” Some of the journalists have changed the sections they used to cover. Some of them have changed their job and now they prefer to wait for the future”.

Iran: 25000 books got burned

18 November 2005

Pejvake Khamoush (means silent echo), an Iranian cleric & blogger, writes “According to Mehr News agency 25000 books were burned after fire destroyed library of faculty of Law in Tehran university. (Persian)

Iran: We are Iran book

18 November 2005

Khabgard says “We are Iran” which is about Persian blogs, is not a reliable source. Book only talks about less than 2 percent of blogs. Khabgard writes Nasrin Alavi's, book's writer, claim that 70 percent of Iranian are young and they want a secular democracy, is based on speculation not...

WSIS: Defending Freedom of Speech in Tunisia

  17 November 2005

Despite the odds, we managed to pull off our “Expression Under Repression” seminar here at the World Summit For Internet and Society. This was largely thanks to the strong spine of our sponsors, the Dutch NGO Hivos, who fended off a phalanx of plainclothes police who tried to shut us...

Iran: literature & Blog

17 November 2005

Abbas Maroufi, Germany based writer & blogger, has decided to publish one of his books on his blog. Book's name is ” Fereydoun had three sons” and people can download it free of charge.

Iran: Jordan Explosions

17 November 2005

Abtahi, former Vice Preident writes about recent Jordan explosions: “Blowing oneself up in the lobby of a hotel or in the middle of a restaurant with no preservations because of the presence of just ordinary people is not considered a military operation and is not either a sign of power...