· February, 2006

Stories about Iran from February, 2006

Iran: Being American Iranian

  27 February 2006

Brooding Persian talks about in an ironic way about being American Iranian in a future US-Iran war: In a case I am taken as a prisoner of war by either side, I refuse to perform human pyramid tricks or commit suicide by downing hair removal creams. I also like to...

Iran: Moslems & Buddha

  25 February 2006

HasanAgha asks Shiites Moslems (Persian) who are protesting against destruction of their shrine, why they did nothing when Taliban government in Afghanistan demolished Buddha’s statues in Bamyan?

Iran: Cutting Trees!

  23 February 2006

Hanouz, an Iran based journalist & blogger, talks about cutting thousands trees (Persian) in Levizan forest in neighbourhood of Tehran. According to the blogger, Tehran's municipality is cutting these trees to construct a highway. It is considered disastrous for Tehran and its air pollution.


  22 February 2006

Wow, another week come and gone so quickly…I guess we better get to business then. A sad week for the Kurdistan Bloggers Union as they call for an official hiatus from their group work for their individual projects. However, not all group blogs are slowing. Roj Bash! has recently started...

Iran: Football & Women

  22 February 2006

Panahandegi writes about women & their problem to go watching a football game in Iran. Blogger says did you know that a woman in Iran need to be granted an “authorization” to enter the stadium and watch a live football game? Apparently it would be “unholy” for them to listen...

Non Violence, Conservatism & Human Rights

  21 February 2006

Fanousian , a collective blog, has done an interview with Dr. Brian Martin writer in nonviolence, and associate professor in Science, Technology and Society at the University of Wollongong. This blog has already focused on non violence movement for couple of months. It is fascinating that bloggers not only provide...

Iran: Poetry & Nuclear!

  18 February 2006

Abbas Maroufi, Germany based famous writer, poet and blogger, has writtena poem about nuclear energy (Persian). He says in this nuclear energy is not modern, killing people is not modern, a stone is always modern, but throwing stone is not modern…a flower for you, every day, is modern.

Iran: Valentine & a Joke

  16 February 2006

Abtahi, a cleric blogger & reformist politician, writes about Valentine that a guy buying love gifts asks the sales attendant for a dozen cards with the sentence “I ONLY LOVE YOU.”

Iran: Bloggers back Fired Professor

  16 February 2006

According to Rooznamenegar No (New Reporter) many bloggers back popular communication professor, Mr.NamakDoost, who was fired recently (Persian). It seems Saturday there will be a demonstration to back him. During recent months more university professors and responsibles have been fired without clear reason.


  15 February 2006

Hello everyone! I'm finally back -and married. The winner of the “GV Kurdish Post Title” contest was Metin from Talk Turkey, and I particularily enjoy the irony that it was a Turkish gentleman that came up with the neatest name for a Kurdish weekly, it just goes to show the...

Ganji, Revolution & Cartoons

15 February 2006

Nima Milanian in Iranian Truth, a group blog, writes about Akbar Ganji, jailed journalist, Blogger reminds us Ganji's solitary confinement and says: “Five months in solitary confinement. There is a greater threat to the world then Iran's nuclear technology. Its treatment of political prisoners. Call on foreign governments to create...

Supermale on Moslem World Boycott of Danish Goods

  15 February 2006

Morad Ouasti reports (FR) at Supermale on the mechanisms behind the moslem world’ s boycott of Danish goods: “Denmark is already suffering early consequences while the boycott is being organized via Internet and text messaging … Meanwhile, European companies [such as Danon and Nestle] adopt an ad hoc strategy of...

Iran: Starbucks or Star Box

  13 February 2006

Mr.Behi, Iran based blogger writes “I enjoy the taste and atmosphere of The Starbucks Coffee whenever I travel outside of Iran. Being an American company, Starbucks cannot open any branch in Iran due to the current US embargo regulations”. But he adds recently he discovered, in Tehran, a new coffee...

Iran: A Deadly Mistake

11 February 2006

FMSokhan ( Persian), Iran based blogger and journalist, writes life of Mrs. Afroutan, Tamadon Hormozgan journalist, is in danger in prison. She and several other journalists were arrested when they published, by mistake, an article in scientific section of journal about” How Aids Came to Iran”. Article had been taken...

Bloglogue: Iran in the Media

11 February 2006

Bloglogue project finally was launched on webgardian blog with the following questions: Do you think the news that we get about Iran or sensitive issues are biased? Why? And how can bloggers or non bloggers as individuals communicate non biased news? Dream or reality? Six contributors, four bloggers and two...

Iran: Revolution & Stupidity?

10 February 2006

In Samimanetar, (Persian) blogger says he heard several times from Tajzadeh, Islamic activist before revolution, political reformist & blogger, that we were not stupid to make revolution in 1970's, stupid are people who wants to go back to 1979 (The year when revolution happened).

Iran: Only Solution!

9 February 2006

Mehrangiz Kar (Persian), US based human rights activist & blogger, says not only extremist forces inside Iranian State don't want any direct negotiation with US but some other Iranians reject this idea because, for them, it will reinforce Islamic State. Blogger thinks under huge pressure of their public opinion, extremist...

Iran: Danish Cartoons again!

8 February 2006

Mr.Behi, Iran based blogger, says even if we suppose that the newspaper wanted to show the “ugly face of intolerant hard-line Muslims of our time” It was easier to symbolise them in better ways without mixing them with the roots of the religion and without offending the entire race of...

Cartoons of Prophet & Nuclear Crisis

8 February 2006

12 cartoons of Islam Prophet published by the Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten, is a hot topic among Iranian bloggers.View from Iran, an Iran based blogger says: “I have been disgusted – yes that is the right word – by the arguments on both sides: the cartoon supporters and the cartoon...