· October, 2009

Stories about Iran from October, 2009

Activism and Motherhood in Asia

  23 October 2009

What does a woman sacrifice for the cause she fights for? How are her children affected by persecution taken against her? This post explores briefly the lives of women activists in Asia who are also mothers.

Egypt: No Accolades for Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

  9 October 2009

Egyptian bloggers and Twitter users welcomed US President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize with shock and surprise: How can the president of a country waging wars against far away countries win a peace prize? Tarek Amr has more in this round up of reactions from Egypt.

Israel: Ahmadinejad A Jew?

  7 October 2009

Britain's Telegraph published a story claiming that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's family may have Jewish roots. Israeli bloggers react to the news in this post.