· March, 2007

Stories about Iran from March, 2007

Algeria: Iran's Standoff

  29 March 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri links to an article which sums up his thoughts on Iran's conflict with the West. He even gives us his commentary here. “Had the Iranians not just kidnapped the 15 Britons, but opened fire on the Cornwall, the Coalition would have reason to attack the Iranians, with...

Iran: Connecting the Medical World and Norouz Inspires Reflection

  28 March 2007

Iranian bloggers provide information, share their opinions, and discuss various issues with their photography, illustrations, and text. But that's not all. Occasionally, they launch plans to make the world a better place. Paris Marashi, an Iranian-American video-blogger has revealed a project that aims to bring Iranian medical professionals in contact...

Iran:Sanctions and reactions

  26 March 2007

Kamangir informs us about a piece titled “ten points about Resolution 1747 ” published on Alef,a right-wing site.According to this piece:”While it had no effect on this resolution it might be effective in the future. Although, the pressure has not had any effect on the daily life of Iranians, and...

Iran:A few photos of several extinct and endangered animals

  26 March 2007

Animal Science blog has published several photos and description of extinct animals in Iran such as “Iranian Lion”(Panthera Leo Persica) or Mazandaran Tiger.There are also photos of endagered animals such as Cheetahs and Euracian lynx.The blogger says urbanism and mismanagment can add endangered animals on the list of extinct animals.

Iran:All women activists are free

  25 March 2007

According to Asieh Amini [Fa], two more jailed women activists are out of prison now. This means all women activits who had been jailed at the beginning of march, were released before Norouz,Iranian new year.

Iran:American spiritual leaders in Iran

  25 March 2007

There is an interesting link in Khorshidkhanoum blog about a program on PBS site. We watch producer Jamila Paksima revisits her birth country of Iran with American spiritual leaders hoping to promote dialogue on such explosive issues as nuclear proliferation, the Iraq war, and the holocaust.You can watch it here.

Kurdistance: Newroz

  21 March 2007

The vernal equinox marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of the “New Year” or Newroz for the Kurdish people. The holiday is not limited to just the Kurds as cultures from Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, India, Turkey, Zanzibar, and from various countries of Central...

Arabisc: A Mysterious Bug Gnawing at Middle Eastern Bloggers

  21 March 2007

Something is amiss on the Middle Eastern blogging scene .. and computers and modern technology are to blame. In addition to trouble with the law in their countries, which are closing in on freedom of speech and expression as I write this, bloggers have another demon to confront. Egypt‘s outspoken...

300: More Than a Movie for Many Iranians

  21 March 2007

Cartoon by Afshin Sabouki from Project 300, an artistic response to 300, the movie. The movie “300”, based on a Frank Miller comic book, has been both a big hit at the box office and a hot topic in Iran's media, big and small. In Zack Snyder's movie, 300 Spartans...

Bahrain: On 300

  19 March 2007

Bahraini blogger emoodz gives us his thoughts about the movie 300 here. “If you haven’t heard already, the movie has caused quite an uproar amongst modern Persians/Iranians who see the movie as not only something of a fabrication, but also an insult to their history,” he writes.

Iran:Made in USA Cigars

  18 March 2007

Haji Washington says that Iranian parliament has given permission for importing cigars ( cigaretts) without any restriction, The blogger adds that American cigarettes are considered as agricultural products and they are not included in USA sanctions agianst Iran. The blogger writes so far tobacco related products are counted for about...

Iran:Ahmadinejad's new message in his blog

  17 March 2007

Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote a new message in his blog.He says he got a letter from an American woman whose son was sent to Iraq.He writes I am sorry to say that the American people are kept in an absolute censorship concerning the outside world by their government.I am certain...

Iran:Women in politics

  17 March 2007

Mohammad Ali Abtahi,reformist politician, talks about women in politics.He writes When no reformist or conservative politicians provide the chance for serious development of women at high levels, it is natural that ladies start their own activities in political arena to defend themselves.The solidarity and social and political cooperation of ladies...

Iranian Women Activists in Pain and Ahmadinejad's Trip to NY

  16 March 2007

Two of 32 women activists, Shadi Sadr (thanks to Kosoof,we can see her photo here) and Mahboobeh Abassgholizadeh, who were arrested during a peace demonstration in Tehran on 4th of March, are still in prison. The remainder of the jailed women activists were set free. Sadr is a lawyer and...

Libya: The Adventures of Mr Behi

  16 March 2007

Iranian blogger Mr Behi has moved to Tripoli, Libya, and tells us about life without his life, a computer on life-support and the importance of credit and debit cards. “I received my first salary in Tripoli but the money is in the bank, my debit card is in my hand...

Iran:Freedom of speech in taxicabs and butcher shops

  15 March 2007

View from Iran says Iran is a society filled with thoughtful and outspoken individuals. Only the bravest or the most desperate have the nerve to organize. The rest exercise their freedom of speech in taxicabs and butcher shops; at parties and swimming pools; in poems and through blog posts. There...

Iran:Anti war rally in Toronto, Canada

  15 March 2007

Sibiltala[Fa] invites Iranian to take part in anti war demonstration in front of USA Consulate in Toronto, Canada. The blogger says usually there are a few Iranians who participate in this kind of demonstrations.It is organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.