· June, 2007

Stories about Iran from June, 2007

Iran: Protestors Torch Gas Stations

  30 June 2007

Enraged Iranian protesters torched several gas stations in Tehran and other cities on Wednesday, after the Iranian government announced fuel rationing for private vehicles. There is news item in Ilna [Fa], Iranian Labour news agency, reporting that people were killed in Yasouj, in southwestern Iran, during the protest. Iran is...

Iran:Blogger got filtered

  29 June 2007

Freekeyboard says[Fa] Blogger got filtered,The blogger adds it is very shameful that when people who are involved with filtering say we are just doing our job!

Iran: Rushdie and Bin Laden

  29 June 2007

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi,blogger and former vice president criticised both Queen Elizabeth and Islamists for attributing titles to Salman Rushdie and Osama Bin Laden. The Queen made Salman Rushdie a Knight and some Islamists call Bin Laden, Seifallah, God's Sword.

Iran:Persepolis pulled from Bangkok Film Festival

  29 June 2007

Cityboy informs us that the Bangkok International Film Festival dropped Marjan Satrapi's prize-winning animated movie,Persepolis.The blogger says Iranian embassy in Thailand announced that Festival managers responded positively to a request from the Iranian Embassy in Bangkok.The movie follows Satrapi's life through the 1979 Islamic revolution,war and mass executions.

Iran:President and Butcher

  26 June 2007

Plateau writes about Iranian president's reflections on country's economy:”we have hardworking shopkeepers in our neighbourhood from whom I get important economic information because they are living among the people.There is an honourable butcher in our neighbourhood who is aware of all the problems of the people and I also get...

Iran:A Basement Culture

  25 June 2007

Iranian Woman says I guess we have to be proud that we are a basement culture. That we are something to your face and different in your absence.

Iran:An Iranian blogger in Libya

  25 June 2007

Mr.Behi, an Iranian blogger, has published several beautiful photos from Libya in his blog. He says I hope this can capture the changes that this country is going through.

Iran: Gonu's victims, Palestine's crisis, and a stoning suspended

  22 June 2007

About two weeks ago, Gonu, a tropical storm, hit Oman and the Sistan and Balouchestan province in Iran. Iranian bloggers report that victims in this impoverished province have not received enough government help, and that lots of people are deprived of food, water, and health care. They criticize the government's...

U.S. Concerned About Armenia’s Ties With Iran

“Iran is planning massive investments into the economies of Georgia and Armenia. We’re talkingof 1 billion dollars for Tbilissi and a analogous offer to Yerevan. For your consideration: the total amount of Russian investments in Georgia in 2006 did not exceed 30 million dollars, as to Armenia, after arrangements made...

Iran:A woman revives the traditional stroytelling

  22 June 2007

Thanks to Forever Under Construction we can see slide show of the performance, with excerpts and an interview with Gord-Afarid, Fatemeh Habibizad, the first Iranian woman Naqqal – a performer reading and enacting stories of the celebrated Persian epic The Book of Kings: the revival of the traditional storytelling.

Iran:Khatami says he did not shake hands,really?

  21 June 2007

Mohammad Khatami, former president, denies that he shaked hands with several Italian women.He also added the video film showing him shaking hands with Italian women is fake.This video film was visited by 61000 people on You Tube.The Italian man who has made this film,says the film is real and explains...

Iran:”Go kill yourself”

  21 June 2007

Arosak Kooki writes [Fa]that a worker in Rasht committed suicide.He did not get paid for several months and he could not survive anymore.When he asked his boss for his money,the factory owner told him “go kill yourself”, I have no money!The blogger says that in Islamic Republic in the name...

Iraq: The Missing Link

  21 June 2007

Is there a link between Al Qaeda and Iran? Iraqi blogger Mohammed attempts to establish a link here.

Iran:Juvenile Executions,a Record

  21 June 2007

Iranian Woman says according to HRW,Iran holds the deplorable distinction of leading the world in juvenile executions, and the authorities should end this practice at once.

Iraq: Blame Iran for Everything

  20 June 2007

“I think that when the president of the united states counted Iran among the members of the axis of evil the description was not unjustifiably incriminating, it just came before the evidence that support this claim became available,” writes Mohammed in Iraq the Model, who blames all the crisis in...

Iran:Appeal for Iranian Students

  19 June 2007

In CityBoy we read “this is an appeal by bloggers against the detention of 9 Iranian students from the Amir Kabir Polytechnic University in Tehran who are been kept and repeatedly tortured at the notorious Evin prison.”The blogger has published the photos of these 9 jailed students too.

Iraq: Al Hakim Dead

  19 June 2007

Iraqi blogger Lady Bird announces: “Al-Zawraa TV channel (recently in Syria), broadcast a banner today [the red line in the image above] saying that Abdul Aziz Al-Hakeem [Hakim] died today in a hospital in Tehran, no confirmation yet by any news agency.”