· January, 2006

Stories about Iran from January, 2006

Bus Strike & Bloggers in Israel

31 January 2006

Iranian bus drivers tried to start a strike on Saturday for better work conditions and liberation of their syndicate leader. A one event blog, Otobos1 (Otobos means bus in Persian), was launched by supporter(s) of bus syndicate to cover strike news . Otobos1 (Persian) asked others including Iranian bloggers to...

Iran: Hunger Strike!

30 January 2006

According to Paiz, Nederland based blogger & human right activist, several of arrested bus drivers started a hunger strike (Persian). Hundreds of bus drivers and workers got arrested on Saturday before starting their strike for better work conditions and liberation of their syndicate leaders.

Iran: Perisan Blog & Israel

29 January 2006

Hoder informs us that first blog in Perisan has been launched by an Iranian from Israel. Blog's name is Cafe Guisbourg and talks about blogger's daily life in Tel Aviv.

Iran: 350 Bus Workers Arretsed!

28 January 2006

According to Danshamouzaen Mobarez (means Fighting Students) more than 350 bus drivers & workers, who wanted to start general strike today, got arrested (Persian). Some other drivers were beaten by security forces and got forced to drive their buses. Several leading members of Bus Syndicate had already been arrested.

Iran: Enemy is China!

27 January 2006

Sadetar az Ab (means more simple than water), an Iran based blogger, says neither US nor Israel is Iran's enemy but China. Bloggersays more and more Iranian national companies bankrupted because of made in China products (Persian).

Iran: Blogger in Jail!

27 January 2006

Arash Sigarchi is a journalist with Irane ma, an Iran based Persian online journal and a blogger. First Arash was arrested and charged with insulting the leader, collaborating with the enemy, propaganda against the Islamic State and encouarging people to jeopardize national security. He stayed in jail for 60 days...

Iran: Bus Strike Again!

26 January 2006

According to webgardian, bus drivers in Tehran will start a new strike on Saturday. They protest against imprisonement of their syndicate leader, Mr.Asdanlou. It seems several other syndicate responsibles have been asked to go to court.

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  25 January 2006

As reported by the Kurdistan Blog Count several new Kurdish blogs in English were found. The first of which Talk about the Passion is actually written by an American going to teach for the next six months in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. While he has just started teaching there, he has...

Iran: BBC & Abtahi

25 January 2006

Abtahi (Persian), cleric blogger and former vice president, says filtering BBC is a weird action, because people get information from BBC radio broadcasting. He adds filtering political sites is similar to censorship in North Korea or Saddam's Iraq, where people even can not listen to non governmental radios.

Iran: Hoder in Israel

24 January 2006

The Iranian blogger, and GVO member, Hoder, is going to Israel in a peaceful mission which he describes as breaking a major taboo. Luckily, another GVO member, Lisa, will be his host. However, while Hoder gets the support, a third member of GVO, Sabbah, gets the criticism because of his...

Bloggers in Pain, National Interest & Broken Promises

24 January 2006

According to ManNamanam, Mojtaba Samininejad, imprisoned blogger, accompanied with two prison guards, with handcuffs, was permitted to write one of his final exams. He is a student in social communications, in Azad University (Tehran). He couldn't write the first three of his final exams because of the shortcomings of the...

Iran: National Confidence Party

23 January 2006

Teste democracy (Democracy Test in English!) says other political parties can learn a lot from new National Confidence Party. Blogger adds ” this new party has a site, a news paper and on its site we know how can we become party members“(Persian). This party has been launched by cleric...

Iran: Last Gamble!

23 January 2006

Hasan Agha, says by inviting Moqtada Sadr to Iran, Iranian rulers clearly show their role in making troubles in Iraq to whole world(Persian). According to blogger, it seems Iranian rulers are playing last cards!

Iran: BBC Filtered!

21 January 2006

According to Hoder, BBC Persian which is very popular in Iran and Entekhab a conservative site, have been filtered. It seems Iranian government is filtering more & more.

Iran: Blogger gets three-year suspended sentence

20 January 2006

Journalist and blogger Ahmad Reza Shiri (Persian) will have a permanent threat hanging over him as a result of the suspended sentence (used to silence journalists who bother the authorities) of three years in prison handed down by a court in the northern city of Mashhad, Reporters Without Borders said...

Iran: Stencils of Islamic Revolution

20 January 2006

Iran graffiti exposes a couple of stencils (Persian) of Islamic Revolution on the walls. There are images of Khomeini & Beheshti.

Iran: World Cup & Nuclear

19 January 2006

Several bloggers such as Khorshid Khanoum (Lady Sun – in Persian) invited Iranians to vote in CNN quick vote concerning Iran & World Cup: Should Iran be banned from soccer's 2006 World Cup over its nuclear activities? Yes or No. So far 70 percent is NO!

The Kurdish Blogs-The 3 Week Update

  18 January 2006

I have been remiss in my duties to you, dear Global Voices readers, in not posting about the Kurdish Blogosphere for three weeks. Today I will try to catch you up in the ongoings of the Kurds in this new year. As to why I missed my articles, let's just...

Iran:No War!Peace Please!

18 January 2006

In Zemestan ( means Winter), blogger shares his feeling about peace and war. He says nothing is more preciouse than life (Persian) and a smile on a child's face. He remembers his experience of war ( Iran-Iraq war) where many young people were killed and their parents suffered. Zemestan adds...

Nuclear Crisis, Sanctions & BBC

17 January 2006

Iranian nuclear crisis has become a hot story in Media around the world. Several Iranian bloggers inside Iran and out side country, have shared their feelings and fear about sanctions and war. They also show their disappointment concerning international media. Mehrangize Kar, a USA based human right lawyer, writer and...

Iran: CNN & Mistranslation!

17 January 2006

Shiva the spy, a US based blogger, says a CNN journalist mistranslated President Ahmadinejad's words in his recent public address; rather than quoting the leader as saying, “Every country has the right to peaceful nuclear technology,” the translator conveyed the message as, “Every country has the right to nuclear weapons.”...