· December, 2007

Stories about Iran from December, 2007

Congratulations New, Rising Voices

  28 December 2007

The Rising Voices citizen media outreach initiative will start out 2008 with five new and innovative projects based in Kenya, Madagascar, Uruguay, Jamaica, and Iran.

Iran:”A Weak Government”

  26 December 2007

Digital Klashinkov,Iran based blogger and journalist, says[Fa] that Ahmadinejad's government is a weak one and is in trouble for its economic policy. The blogger adds, recently, for the first time, Iranian president accepted economic problems exist in country.

Iran:”28th December a Protest day”

  24 December 2007

In Azadi Barbari blog, we read that leftist students call all the international organisations and campaigns to join them on 28th December to protest against the Islamic Republic and raise their voice to free the students in Iran.

Iran:A poor musician in photos

  21 December 2007

Mohammad Tajik,blogger and photographer, has pusblished several photos of a poor musician in Tehran.It seems the musician is suffering from leprosy.

Iran:UN Sees Iranian Rights Abuses

  20 December 2007

Omid Memarian,journalist and blogger,informs us that the “U.N. General Assembly approved a draft resolution Tuesday expressing “deep concern” at the systematic human rights violations in Iran, including torture, flogging, amputations, stoning and public executions.

Iran:A Court Considered Three Jailed Students Innocent

  19 December 2007

According to Daneshjoo blog[Fa],an Iranian court considered three jailed university students,Tavakoli,Ghasaban and Mansouri, innocent.These students have been in prison for 9 months and were forced to confess about publishing anti regime articles.Now an Iranian court says they never published such articles.

Iran:Creating fear without reason

  12 December 2007

Mohmmad Ali Abatahi,former vice presdient and blogger,criticized Iranian police decision to crack down on long boots and winter clothing. He says “confusion in the uncommon decisions made about clothing makes the society worried and afraid.”

Iran: Leftist Students Arrested

  11 December 2007

The Iranian government arrested several leftists students in Tehran and Mazandaran last week – perhaps as a preemptive action before the “Student Day” (16 Azar). The leftists student group “Students for Freedom and Equality” informed the world about this through their blogs, and were able to organize several rallies for...

Iran:Long boots targeted in Iran clothing crack down

  10 December 2007

Razeno says[Fa] that Iranian police warned women and announced that “tight trousers tucked inside long boots and wearing short overcoats are against Islamic codes.”The blogger has published a photo of tight trousers tucked inside long boots and writes “look this is what they say creating immorality in society”.Read more here

Iran:Students protested in University of Tehran

  9 December 2007

According to[Fa] Alfbayeh Sorkh, hundreds of students protested in University of Tehran. They asked government to liberate jailed student activists. The blogger says economic and political situation in country becomes worse and worse,

Iran:Silent night

  7 December 2007

Kosoof, a leading photo blogger, has published one of his photos:silent night and stars in Iran.

Iran:Boy executed for Underage Homosexual Act

  6 December 2007

Kamangir reports that Makwan Moloudzadeh, was executed for a homosexual act which he allegedly committed when he was 13. Amnesty International has published a report on this issue:”Iran,the last executioner of children”.

Iran:”Why Yahoo is not a right place?”

  6 December 2007

Kourosh Ziabari says that after Yahoo Mail removed Iran from its list of countries, a “Hello Yahoo Project” has been launched to protest against Yahoo's policy.He says internet is free space and it is not right to “punish” a nation for so called “mistakes” of a government.